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  1. 1. Buying EXP with rupees.

    I don't know about you but I often find myself ferociously mining nether quartz to get back to the level 39 I need to repair my broken pickaxe on an anvil. Rupees are used for pretty much everything on these servers so why not add the ability to buy experience levels with rupees? Something like 50r per level up to level 30 then 100r per level up to 4o, 150r per level up to level 50 etc. Now you may be saying we can already buy bottles o' enchanting but let's be honest, they're pretty terrible.

    2. Cross Server Announcements

    If you want to advertise a shop/service/thread you usually have to hop from server to server pasting in your announcement every time. Well how about having a /announce command that let's you type a message that can be heard across all the EMC servers. Of course, to prevent spam there will be a 10 minute cooldown between announcements.

    3. Print shop signs at the empire shop

    Some of you may be familiar with the print shop on SMP1. It's a very unique shop which allows you to buy maps with large letters on them to make your res stand out. Well, since it's a player run shop, there is a finite number of signs and will eventually need to be restocked. I can't tell you how annoying it is when you're buying letters and the very last one you need is out of stock. The solution, have them be sold at the empire shop! If I remember correctly, the empire shop never goes out of stock so if the maps start being sold there, we don't have to worry about not being able to complete our signs! Of course, royalties should be paid to the print shop owner for every purchase since they want to all the trouble of making the maps in the first place.
  2. You can just buy exp bottles......
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  3. The prices are WAY too low for an exp level considering the current amount of inflation.

    If you truly want people to know about something you won't be lazy about it. You would go to the servers manually and do it yourself.

    Don't see anything wrong with the third one. +1
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  4. While that may be true, you get around the same amount of EXP from one bottle as you get from mining 2 blocks of nether quartz ore, it's just not worth it.
  5. The first suggestion is way op, as EMC tries to be kept vanilla, it needs to be like 25k+ for lvl 40(i did not calculate a balanced lvl number, i just put a random number) this is so EMC keeps its vanilla aspect and Players are enthuthiastic about getting xp legitimately(via farm or killing rampage) and not just be lazy and pay a small portion of their rupees for something that takes a relatively long time.

    The second one is ok

    Third one- cool idea, it can be added to the flag shop but it would have its own seprate section.
  6. EXP bottles can be purchased. Minecraft is about adventuring, so if you'd like more EXP, go get it.

    The cross-server announcements would not work. Anyone could abuse that. Especially with a 10 minute cool-down time. The time between shop and auction ads are 3 hours. No, that does not mean, "Well, just make the cool-down 3 hours then." It means nothing of the sort. This will most likely not be implemented into the game

  7. Bumping of the thread is 3 hours. Going server to server is 30 minutes. Correct me if I'm wrong, please. :)
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  8. Ahh, thank you, I was not aware of this.
  9. 1st idea: Ruins leaderboard for experience. -1

    2nd idea: Only limmited to gold and diamond supporters. Only 12hours between messages then I would suggest it

    3rd idea: Totally fine +1
  10. I would like to see Economy chat be cross-server
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