2nd EMC Coin Flip Tournament (Promos, Rupees and More!)

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(only answer if you're joining) Were you in the first tournament?

Yes. 12 vote(s) 75.0%
No. 4 vote(s) 25.0%
  1. You're in already. :p
    It'll be fine. ;)
  2. Sure I will try this out.
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  3. alice wants to play!
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  4. Ouch, you ninja'd me (I just sent a pm to all previous participants, as I want to get to 16 :$).
  5. Can't resist: not to all previous participants, I didn't get one... :rolleyes:
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  6. *that haven't yet posted in this thread
  7. If I'm not too late! I'm in:D
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  8. I'm in!
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  9. Id love to be in another one! :D
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  10. Can I join?
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  11. That worked! :D
    If things go well, this will be this evening at 1 PM EMC time. :)
    Although it's not necessary to show up, I do need some people to show up, as without interaction this will be a dull event, I'm afraid. ;)
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  12. Thank you for the DM! I'm in.
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  13. Who's planning to watch?
    I'm a bit 'overloaded' at the moment, but it should be fine in 2.5 hours! :) (see status)
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  14. I'm planning to watch:D
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  15. I can't find my own stream in the YouTube app, that's stupid...
  16. I'm ready, see you in 30 minutes. :)
  17. There are still 15 minutes left, but I've posted the link at the top of the OP. :) I know more about how YouTube streaming works now, so things should go a little more smoothly. ;) On top of that, I shouldn't have internet issues this time.
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  18. Well, that certainly went a lot better than last time! I'm not planning to host another tournament like this, as it took quite a bit more time and effort to get enough people this time, and only two people watched the livestream (which together makes me think the concept is not interesting enough for repeated usage). However, this one was a lot more enjoyable for me, because I didn't have the internet issues. :)
    Here are the results: (same link as in OP) https://challonge.com/9ze46rlg

    I'm copying the prizes from the previous round, as I spent a lot of time considering them then.
    First place: Mineral Mincer, 50k rupees, 15 CP
    Second place: Chicken Skewer, 25k rupees, 12 CP
    Third place: Sharpshooter, 10k rupees, 9 CP
    Fourth place: Vault Voucher, 5k rupees, 7 CP
    Everyone who gets to round 3: Vault Voucher, 5 CP
    Everyone who joins the event: 3 CP
    (of course you can only fall into one of these categories, so you won't get 23 CP for first place)
    luckycordel and Lukas, who watched the livestream, get an extra 5 CP.

    Regarding the Club Points: Miku, would you like to have your name changed, perhaps? You are currently still displayed as RunderC.
    SkeleTin had quite some CP already, but the 12 extra got him into the top 10 - except haastregt got back into tenth place instead, passing 50 lifetime CP. ;)
    Runningrhino, belac555, BigDavie and MocoMiner had to be added to the leaderboard. That's a lot less people to add than last time. ;)
    Because of the bonus 5 CP, luckycordel moved up past Rhythmically and - we haven't seen him in a while! - DjKrazy.

    I will now get on Minecraft to send the promos, vault vouchers and rupees. :) I'm not writing a book this time.
  19. Thanks for hosting this.
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  20. Thanks 607! I understand why you don't want to host another tournament, with only 2 of us watching.
    I wish more would have shown up. I did enjoy it though, its nice to have the extra interaction with the stream.
    Thanks again for hosting the tournament 607!:D
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