[ 2019 ] ART COMMISSIONS [ open ]

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Have you been a commissioner on my old thread?

Heck ya man! 16 vote(s) 30.2%
na mate, been busy gettin rich 37 vote(s) 69.8%
  1. It looks awesome even though its not finshed 😋 and cant wait for how the big one looks like 😊👍 just take utr time i can wait 😋
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  2. Amazing work so far, Bosoc ;)

    I never posted a reply to the thread, but I did send a PM with a order a while back. I don't see my name on your master list, so figured I'd post here as a reminder. Consider this my official post asking for art work :D

    Also, I went ahead and bumped that convo for you as well so it's easier to find :p
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  3. ah im glad <3
    i remember the good ol days when my memory was so crisp my dad would ask me to remember something for him and he would be all like "wow u have a good memory!" now i cant even remember when i last brushed my damn teeth.

    ANYWAYS i can whip up ur icon 2morrow (i would do it now but im in the middle of a lion documentary and it just got hella beef with the lioness my man" and once i finish zandarkins big piece i can work on yours~!
  4. Hello Bosoc,

    I'd like to request an Icon with a white background. I have sent the payment and would like my upper Minecraft skin drawn. Please keep in mind I'd like it to be very clean and simplistic. Goodluck!

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  5. Who agrees that Bosoc should draw this? lol
    You don't have to (unless your really bored XD)
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  6. wtf kinda roblox madness is this

    ill see if i have time once i get back from summer school today lmfao
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  7. You don't have to haha (I posted it as a joke lol)

    It's EMC avengers 2.0
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  8. then where the heck is burki
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  9. Burki is the person in the movie theaters (who is taking pictures while everyone else doesn't know)
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  10. what are you ordering: 1x Icon w/ White BG and 1x Full Body = 10.5k

    when can you send payment: I've sent payment just now

    do you want your MC skin drawn, or something else: MInecraft Skin

    EDIT: For the full body, can you make it so he's holding a Polaroid camera
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  11. Bosoc has business, yay! \o/
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  12. Bosoc will never run out of business.
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  13. okay so first, its not your fault, but this character is way too complex and confusing for me, iv been going on and off for this piece for over 2 months now, and i just cant, the character accessories and their clothes are just too over the place, iv seen so many reference images but nothing is making sense and i get all stressed and upset that its just unhealthy,

    so im sorry but i have to choose to deny this commission, i wont post how far i did get since im just so ashamed on how it looks, but i will give you this early testing i did trying to figure out the character, before i went to try and do the big piece after that testing. but you can tell by how many sketches and color cords i did trying to figure the character out

  14. Kk im still happy with how the full body of my mc charaters. Do i chose an different big pic for u to do?
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  15. if you'd still like one sure! please pick a less complex character tho lmao
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  16. its a w.i.p rn lmfao gettin these gifs done faster than the last 2 tbh :O (this isnt finished) still godda add a few frames, and color/shading)
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  17. Kk ill find one tommow going to bed soon :p
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  18. Sounds like a good call. :) Well done.

    That's looking very good already!
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  19. https://imgur.com/a/MFnOuxL

    u can do an big art with thses 2 charaters with an background u choses (i dont know if that pic will be hard for ya)
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  20. mfw I get an alert for Bosoc replying to this thread
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