[2016ELECTION] #Bird4Prez2k16

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  1. What did I just watch.
  2. You have full support from the duck sindicate
  3. I thought it was against foxes. Well I need to make my following statement xD
  4. If I could vote, I would definitely do a write-in for you.
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  5. #Bird4Prez2k16
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  6. Beats the alternatives... +1
  7. That was amazing!!
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  8. +1 vote from me :D
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  9. Thank you to AverageWalrus for the profile pic.
  10. #BirdForPrez2k16 :p U have my vote
  11. 11/10 who's the VP?
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  12. The thing that concerns me the most about this video is... the whole lemon in a cup. Just a lemon... in a cup. I could live with a lemon slice in said cup, but an entire lemon? Why? :p

    Also, your logic- its about as good as Trump's ;).
  13. UPDATE:

    Added to OP
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    Added to OP
  15. Nononono, You've got it all wrong!! It's "FrydForPrez2k16!!!!"
    Your future president of earth AKA future venus.
  16. Yes.Just.Yes