2012 for EMC.

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  1. So 2013 is coming up soon, so I thought we should have a list of important stuff that happened this year! I'll post my stuff.
    *In no order*

    (From what I know) EMC gets its first Wild reset.
    LLO is founded.
    The now hated Delta Squad is formed.
    GameKribJEREMEY comes out to be ICC, and retires GKJ.
    Aikar and Max become Senior Mods
    Twitch1, GreenMystery, and Dark_Liz step down as mods.
    Many mods become inactive.
    JustinGuy becomes inactive for a few months.
    Copherfield asks to be banned and leaves EMC.
    Copherfield comes back and makes a fool out of himself.
    Roblikescake and Happyshopper are banned for passing around viruses to EMC members.
    SMP5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 are added.
    EMC votes against having another Wild Reset.
    The King_RedBird greifing happens. King_RedBird is banned for swearing at the accused greifer.
    Mob limits are added. (Which I personally hate, as it increased hostile mob spawning in the Wild.)
    The TEXP leaderboard is added
    Hash98 becomes the oldest active, non-mod member of EMC.
    *More of mine to come. Post yours! :)*
  2. Most important thing over all: I met Maxarias on EMC and found true love :)

    (For the newbies to EMC, Max and I met on EMC and are now engaged IRL, and yes we're adults...)
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  3. I like that. Maybe I will try posting some stuff in the proper order of events.
  4. You summed it up pretty well. Though, it seems you forgot the promised new market system, and the all mighty lava wall of Volt72. Also, I never heard of the red bird griefing, can you elaborate?
  5. That was really sad when green mystery left :(
    One thing for me was Jeanzl's tekkit server for EMC players
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  6. Was that the one on SMP3?
  7. I think so, but I am not sure, since I live on SMP1.
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  8. Yea lol when I joined I went to the wild one time and there was a massive wall with lava in it.
    Where it was there is (Was until the last periodic reset :)) a superflat surface.
  9. We would hope so... :p
    anyways, don't forget the banning of PThagaard and the mob limits.
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  10. Moose and I joined EMC, then later became mods.
  11. The Lava walls are really not important all together, mostly as it never happened.

    The RedBird Greifing happened on SMP3, a plot away from my res. (Don't have the res number handy. but mine is 7291, so you can figure it out from there.) Now, his res was mostly made out of wood and leaves, (A jungle res) So what did the griefer do? He used lava.. The second I saw the forum thread, (If you try to find it, don't bump it) I ran straight into town to help with it. When I got there, AT LEAST half of SMP3 was there, putting water on the lava. (He gave perms to all after this. I guess he figured any other griefers couldn't do much after this. :p) Around a half hour later, the person he thought was the greifer showed up, and he sweared at him. Half hour after that, RedBird gets banned. I myself think it was a little stupid for the banning, considering he was just greifted to the ground.
  12. Don't forget about Aikar ruining (and continuing to ruin into 2013) the economy with each and every update. ;)
  13. And what about Hash98 being declared the oldest, active, non staff member of EMC?
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  14. What was PT banned for again?
  15. I'm still trying to figure out how to ruin the economy with improving performance to the point we can raise max online count...
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  16. You fool! Do you know whats going to happen with more people in each server?!? MORE PEOPLE WILL BE BUYING CRAP, AND LOWER THE PRICES! :mad:
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  17. I believe redbird got banned because he had like 20 other offences for swearing...

    being grieved doesnt excuse you from the rules, and if he hadnt had such a history he would of only got temp.
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  18. Remember that time I offered to give people 100 rupees for voting... yeah people forgot that...
  19. Good point. :/
  20. Nahh I remember that
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