2007 called AmusedStew

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  1. Not clicking on that link >.>
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  2. 2004 called they want their joke back
  3. Ok there has to be some story behind this and I want to know lol
  4. He was talking about trolling and said heres a link to me trolling.... and it was that link... >.<
  5. I kinda recognize the link actually...
  6. lol fake
  7. 2015 called..they want their comeback back...
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  8. we are in the 2000's
  9. 2010's :cool:
  10. 2010s* ;)
  11. Actually, when it is an odd thing like that, I believe you use an '

  12. The example used was 2000s, but the same rule also applies to all dates.
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  13. I'm fine with being Rick Rolled. I like this song.
    I can't believe I fell for this one. I've been Rick Rolled so many times I can't even count (Literally).
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  14. :eek:
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  15. Yeah, I was rick rolled so much that when I see a youtube link with dQw4 in it, I think "Rick rolled."
    It would've been better to use tinyurl to make the link unrecognizable.
  16. tinyurl would've been an even more obvious troll
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  17. Yeah, I guess.
  18. Kinda funny, when I first opened this I was expecting a legitimate slow-service call..
  19. Google actually has a way that you can "scramble" YouTube links so that Bots can't be used in malicious ways.
    As you can see above, it is actually quite useful for avoiding those annoying spam bots/scrapers/etc.
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