2 Years of EMC + AMA

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  1. Hai everyonez! I'm here with an updated version of my 'EMC story'. If you're interested, read on, if not, skip to the AMA. (I kind of forgot about my 2 years, so this was a bit rushed and probably isn't that good of an idea)

    February 2012 - In February 2012, I was bored in a lesson with my friend. We were talking about Minecraft and he asked me if i'd like to play with him. So I said yes, and he gave me the address to smp3.empire.us and Empireminecraft.com (There was no empire.us back then). I was one of those newbs who went through every tunnel in the tutorial until I got it right. The whole thing took me 20 minutes and then for about 2 weeks I was a complete noob. So much of a noob, I got kicked by d1223m (back when he was mod) on my 2nd or 3rd day. I made a wild base with Djozane and AlexHallon. About three weeks into being on EMC I finally decided to read the guide... from there on out I was less of a noob :p

    March 2012 - Smp3 was constantly full (doesn't happen anymore :(), so I decided to buy Iron Supporter so I could join. Also, me, Djozane and AlexHallon left our little island, because the last wild reset was coming. This would give us the worlds we have today :3 I also had Timmy, my pumpkin, who died in August 2013 </3... we'll get to that later. For now, mine, AlexHallon's and Djozane's Wild Outpost! Yeah, we owned a community together on this really big island about 2 hours away from spawn, and it was amazing, until we got griefed multiple times. There was no square back then, so... he was never caught :( So the base shut down. I never got any of my stuff back because a creeper blew me up on the way out and my bed had been destroyed.

    April 2012 - I was without internet for an entire month, so nothing really happened here, apart from I cancelled my iron supporter.

    May 2012 - I celebrated my 12th birthday with the EMC community (Yup, I was 11 when I joined EMC, and i'm now almost 14). I also talked to JustinGuy about something called the Creation Station, which, later in the month, merged with the EMC wiki, and was also delayed for the forseeable future, and if you know me and JackBiggin, that's a bad thing :p

    August 2012 - After living as a towny for the past 5 months, I became much more active on the forums, and seen the LLO. I joined... and made alot of new friends :p

    September 2012 - I became an Iron Supporter again and I lost a bunch of friends :(

    October 2012 - I made it onto the Highest Posting members list in 12th place. I also got Gold Supporter :D

    November 2012 - Me, Jack, Luke*numbers* and Mba2012 began to work on the EMC Wiki and the Creation Station and a thing called MinecraftIt!. What happened to all this will be explained in a bit...

    December 2012 - First christmas with the Empire! :D

    January 2013 - One of my friends, nfell2009, got banned. I also made it into the top 4 highest posting members...

    February 2013 - Because I kicked up alot of drama wherever I went, I got a one week temporary ban at the end of January that ended in February. I also celebrated my first year with the Empire!

    March 2013 - Got drunk one night (not really...) and somehow ended up on the top 3 highest posting members.

    May 2013 - I celebrated my 13th birthday with the Empire! :D

    August 2013 - I got banned again, but this time it was permanent.

    September 2013 - I appealed my ban on Facebook with IcC and I was really happy :D

    October/November 2013 - This was the month (I believe) MinecraftIt was cancelled, and basically everything with it apart from the Wiki, as it was now integrated with the EMC site. Which was good, but me and mba didn't like the way we'd just been kind of left in the dark on that.

    December 2013 - I celebrated my 2nd Christmas with the Empire and me and mba got access to MinecraftIt code and everything - so something is coming... soon... probably... :p

    February 2014 - I'm celebrating my 2nd birthday on EMC and I also reached 3,000 posts the other day! :D

    Now, thanking people is what you normal people do isn't it? So... here's a thank you... list thing... :D?

    Jake_Bagby - We have weird Skype conversations. For that, I love you. Also, SPICY ROPES ;D

    mba2012 - Weird Skype conversations since November 2012. For that, I love you. SPICIER ROPES :D

    JackBiggin - For...well... being JackBiggin. And making the Creation Station possible for me in the near future :D

    AlexHallon - I know he's banned now and doesn't like EMC anymore, but thank you for being my first EMC friend.

    EVERYBODY ELSE - Thank you for being EMC peoplez. I know i've missed you lot out on this thank you list. When I remember what I was going to write about people some of you will make this list :p

  2. Congratz on 2 Whole Years!
    What is your best moment on EMC?
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  3. Earning 140k rupees.

    Now I only have 1k :c
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  4. My 2 years are coming up soon too :)
    About how many cows have you mercilessly slaughtered even though they never did anything to you out of greed for leather and raw beef? :D
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  5. In EMC: Probably about 10.
    In my 3 year long Minecraft life: About 1,000. Especially if you include my spawners from 1.0 that I had to demolish in 1.8 because they were broken.
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  6. *mba and I.

    Also, soon, yeah, soon...
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  7. My two-year anniversary is in two days! :D

    What do you think about what Mojang is doing with Minecraft nowadays?
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  8. My two year is next month :p
    Anyways I have loads of questions for you xD

    Are you human?
    How many souls have you punished?
    Where did you get your name?
    How can I spam like you did?
    What is your favorite server?
    Best friend?
    Am I your friend? o3o
    If muffin > pie then does pie > bacon?
    Am I human?
    Is there a turtle here?
    Have any pets?
    What's your mom's credit card information?
    How often do you play minecraft?
    Ever dream of something that scares you?
    Poe Tay Toe or Poe Ta Toe?
    Favorite food?
    Best memory of mba?
    Favorite hobby?
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  9. How big of a Role Model was I?

    I know I must be pretty big...
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  10. They've completely ruined Minecraft IMO.

    I may look human, but i'm not in the slightest bit. I am the self-proclaimed ruler of the universe. Cookie universe, that is.
    Dragon Ball Z.
    By not spamming and posting mostly helpful stuffz.
    I don't have one.
    I don't play favourites.
    No, Bacon > Muffin > Pie then does Pie > Bacon
    In my mind, yes. In reality, no.
    Two Axolotls *may be getting another soon* and a dog.
    Moms don't exist in the UK ;)
    Once or twice a week.
    Nothing scares me... apart from loud noises in the night, waking up in the middle of the night for no reason, and also posters falling down in the middle of the night. Also, a cookie warlord who will murderize me. And Outlast.
    Poe Tay Toe
    Ropes. I mean. Er... what. You never read that.
    I have no life outside of video games. So... video games.
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  11. I've only known about you for about two months and first impressions haven't been very good... so... no, you weren't very big...
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  12. You didn't answer my second question lol :p
    and uh #noneed4lyfes we got video games :D
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  13. Why is the joke 'why did the chicken cross the road' such a stupid but popular joke?
    And why the heck is flappy birds one of the most popular games on the App Store?
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  14. 10 billion.
    Because the chicken will be put down after laying eggs, so it crosses the road to buy eggs from the shop :D
    Because it's addicting and is going to be taken down off Google Play and iOS App Store in about 10 hours.
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  15. One big monster that's made out of steel with chocolate that has strawberry flavor on it jumps randomly onto your way and demands you to say 7 countries that should not be consumed nor eaten by him as this monster is hungry for countries.
    How random was that question?
    Should I declare war on England in my Civilization V world?
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  16. Ok good I really hope that game is taken off.
  17. I don't. The developer got death threats. JUST because people can't beat their high scores...
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  18. England, Estonia, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Spain, and Australia.
    Not the randomeiefridhfg i've had.
    If you do, i'll hackzor you and bankrupt your Empire.
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  19. And I heard some kids killed each other over it..