2 smp1?

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  1. lately there has been some funky junk in smp7 but it looks like the ghosts are coming to smp1
    ok do /v Aikar 2
    did it great if you are in his 2nd res this is what it comes up for mesee ghosts will invade all of the smps
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  2. Not really sure what this has to do with ghosts. :confused:
  4. I think this is just a bug that will be fixed soon =) :)
  5. he did that on purpose
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  6. you dont get it ghosts will invade everyone and ( a ghost bug )
  7. rlly
  8. Yeah, ghosts is one theory but it could be even worse. For all we know these issues hint at... conspiracies! :eek:

    I think we'd better thread lightly from here on.. before you know it'll be the Matrix all over, and we probably all saw that one. Just something which might help us to see the truth here; a reminder of what the truth actually is. It takes one to see one or something. So, what I learned: there is no pickaxe <gasps> :D
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  9. uhh i totaly get that:confused:
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  10. Jet Fuel can't melt Aikar's codes.
    EMC was an inside job.
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