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  1. I bought the "gold" package. I claimed a second home. When i type /home i go to my first home, and /home 2 takes me the 2nd. But....signs at my first home that say [home], take me to the 2nd. I know I could do things differently with "/res tpsign" and "teleport", but i'd like [home] signs to take me to the home i'm in at that moment. Possible?
  2. home actually means home 1 if you want signs to take you to home 2 you have to put that
  3. it was more designed for new players and finds first res that you own on that server.

    your 2nd res is likely just happening to load before first in the eyes of the code so its hit first.

    they werent really meant for traveling within the same res, but more so something for us to use at spawn and 'players creativity'

    Recommend using teleport signs or just type /home / /home 2
  4. Ok, TY

    I liked it for moving back and forth, but i gather it's not made for that and not going to work that way, so i'll redo them and make new teleport signs...thanx again.
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  5. .....new teleport signs were EZ....I didn't realize the last "/res tpsigns" address stays active for more than the first sign, here i thought I'd have to redo the tpsign command again and again for every sign. Which, is why I initially used "home" instead.
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  6. Sorry for a late reaction, but considering that you're still a supporter I got the perfect solution for you. Forget about the home feature sign and instead use residence locations. The wiki (see link) explains all, but in a nutshell: you can name a location on your residence and then immediately teleport there by using /home <location name>. Or, obviously, your 2nd home: /home 2 <location name>.

    It's easy: stand where you'd like the location to be (lets assume your storage on your main residence) and then use: /res loc add storage. That stands for "residence, location, add 'storage'".

    So now you can easily go there using: /home storage.

    Sounds cool so far? Wait up: there's more!

    On your 2nd residence create a teleport sign, it should say: 'teleport' on the first line, and your residence name (or number) on the second followed by your named location. Like so: bossqwerty@storage. Now, that name is most likely too long for a sign, so in that case you should use your residence number (see /res info). I looked it up for you: 14450 on SMP7. So you should use: 14450@storage, on the second line of the sign.

    Just so we're clear: 'teleport' on the first line, '14450@storage' on the second.

    Now try right-clicking the sign. You'll see that you get tp'd directly to your first residence, on the exact location of your storage. This is by far the best way to teleport between your residences.

    Hope this can help too. If you need to know more: the wiki has info and I might also be able to help here ;)
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