2 AWESOME Events, 1 AMAZING day! (Including GIVEAWAY)

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by wisepsn, Apr 21, 2013.

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  1. Hey WISEPSN here, and I got the most amazing events gonna happen to my shop.
    2 AWESOME Events, 1 AMAZING day!

    First of all, 930 is having its FIRST monthly DROP party! It happens at the end of the month! I will make a followup thread at the end of the month at what time it will be, or edit this thread. After the amazing drop party fully of potions and enchanted items, it will be time for skin judging. There will be 2 Contest; One for downloaded skins, and one for homemade skins (homemade will get the better prizes of course, lol) Make sure you make your best homemade skin!

    After the 2 Events, I want you to visit 930 more often to shop and blah blah blah. I try and hold awesome events for more customers at our shop. REMEMBER, the res number to the shop is 930!!!

    Now, the 2 events will be held on the same day. The res number for the 2 events is 930. After the events, please donate. The more donations, the more items we can have! After the events, come on down to the forums! I am also giving away 2,500 Rupees just for fun! Write in the comments what number you would like to be! Only 35 Numbers will be allowed, so get your number QUICK. Your username may be chosen with Random.org.

    We need judges and volunteers for this big event! If you would like to be a judge, write in the comments why you would like to be one.
    Current Judges: wisepsn,

    Hosts: wisepsn, GotFreshCookies Co-Host
    Really appreciate it if people could donate so we can get more awesome prizes. If you would like to donate, please PM me.
    Remember, end of the month, 2 events, giveaway! All @ 930!
  2. I would take 7 please.
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  3. I would like 15 please
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  4. Can i have 14? Thanks, i'll be sure to donate, and i hope its fun and inspiring, he hardly ever get drop partys around here..... D:
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  5. 25 please
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  6. 5 please
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  7. nice!! 24 pls
    - nice shop
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  8. #23FTW
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  9. 22 please. Awesome shop. I drop by more and more these days. :) looking forward to it!
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  10. Can I take #3 please? : ) I'm gonna check out ur shop now
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  11. 20 pleasse
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  12. #1 Please :3
  13. may i have 32? XD

    thx, and this sounds AWESOME XD even tho ill probably forget to go, like i did with the past 3 or 4 parties :3
  14. 4, and going to your shop now.
  15. Can I get 13?
  16. It's on......

  17. Forgot to mention that 930 is on SMP1. :)
  18. 31, please!
  19. Someone already has 13.
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