1500 Days AMA and Giveaway

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  1. First off I just wanna say congrats on 1500 days on emc! That's a true accomplishment to stay on a server for that long! Another thing I wanna thank you for doing this give away and doing some of the other amazing things you have been doing for the community! My wonderful question is: why is the stew so amused?
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  2. One would never know the answer to that question, not even I.

    This is also a bump :)
  3. Favorite Moment on Empire Minecraft, Also Congrats on 1,500 Days!
  4. Answered this one kinda already but.. http://imgur.com/a/Jfwyd
  5. Congrats on 1500 days! My question is what was your favorite promo that is in your opinion to be the best promo out there?
  6. Okay, so... I really can't think of a good question for you, I'm afraid it'll have to be something not-as-good, unless I suddenly get inspiration :p
    Um... do you practice any sports?
  7. Labor Bench
    Only if gaming is a sport.
  8. I can't remember if I entered this one, there are so many AMAs right now.
    Well, here's a question- How did you get your supporter? :p
    Congratz on 1500 days :D
  9. Gratz on 1500 days!!
    Question: Have you ever had any name changes? :p
  10. What has kept you here?
  11. What's the dumbest moment in emc have u had?
  12. A giant congratulations to you! 1500 days is definitely an monumental moment.

    Q: What's with you and stew? (Hey, that rhymes!)
  13. I paid for it.
    No. Never.
    Nope, not my cup of tea.
    Fun projects and a great community. EMC kinda grows on you in the long run.
    Hmmm... dumbest? I think everything I do can qualify for dumbest. Since I couldnt really think of a dumb moment (Im sure Id be able to later) but here is 2 weirdest moment pictures.

    One and Two

    Nothing with me and stew. Its literally a random generated xbox name like I said before. It used to have no dignifican falue to me whatsoever.
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  14. Soup or stew? o 3 o
  15. Congrats on 1500 days!

    So, what's your favorite video game? (Other than Minecraft)
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  16. Congrats on 1500 days! What is the item you spend the most rupees on?
  17. If you have read Harry Potter,what would be your favorite book out of the whole series?
  18. Stew
    Sorcerer's Secret (1st book).
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