1500 Days AMA and Giveaway

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  1. So this is a general AMA...

    For the giveaway:
    • Ask a question (one question per person, no alts).
    • Your post number is your "ticket".
    • I will random.org the number and
      • 1st draw: AmusedStew Head + 15000r
      • 2nd draw: 15000r
      • 3rd draw: 15000r
    Deadline: May 21 (1 week from now) at the last minute 11:59 PM EMC time). Drawing will happen the morning of May 22.
    Thanks guys! Heres to another 1500.
  2. Why not soup? :D
  3. Which do you like better? Pie or cake?
  4. TBH, the name 'AmusedStew' was a random generated xbox name which I now use for almost anything that requires me to use a username. I dont even really like stew (or soup for that matter) :)

    I'd rather have cake but.. not a fan of cake either. Ice cream for the win. :)
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  5. Greatest build
  6. Congrats on 1500 Days! What makes you keep playing EMC?
  7. I'm stuck on a question on my maths homework:
    Why is 3+1=windows-apple= 9?????
    Congrats on 1500 dias :p
  8. Probably that dirt house I had a long time ago... It was dirty.
    Obviously the great community.
    You should get a new math teacher.

    Not replying to any more questions for about 3-4 hours- would rather answer ~every 3 hours :)
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  9. Happy... uh... milestone, stewbert! :D
    Best EMC memory?
  10. Happy birthday thingy
    Favorite promo?
  11. Congrats on 1500 days! Favorite sports team?
  12. What's your favorite type of phytoplankton?
  13. Merry 36000 hours on this place!

    Favorite Food
  14. What's better a pig or a dog?
  15. from 1-8 how much smp8 is in you?
  16. http://imgur.com/a/Jfwyd
    Super Dragon Poop... because of the story behind it... Almost certain I am one of few that ICC told the story to.
    Whats a sport? Nah, I dont have a "favorite" but I guess I will go with FSU Football (Seminoles)
    The kind you take photos of?...
    Fried Chicken
    Dog, although I think even a pig is smarter than my dog.
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  17. Ah, an AMA! :D
    Hm... only one question per person, I'll have to think of a good one, then :p

  18. Congrats on 1500 days.

    What's your favorite movie or television show?
  19. Ill answer both versions even though I was only gonna answer 1 :p
    Movie: Taken (w/ Liam Neeson)
    TV show: South Park
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