14006 EMC Promo Museum

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  1. Come see the 14006 Museum on SMP7!
    Hello and welcome to the 14006 Museum thread, where I will be posting all future updates to the museum.We have every promo ever released on display so come check it out!

    At the Entrance of the museum I am selling a 45 page book I wrote all about how to create a promo collection for fun and profit so please check it out!
    As always thanks to all of the museum supporters and loaners for making the museum great!
    Supporter Gift, Iron and Gold Voucher, Max res upgrade Voucher
    Perm. Protection Voucher
    xXvexenXx Head
    AlexChance Head

    Keep checking this thread for new items and museum news.
    New Item Updates In Orange
    What I'm Looking For In Light Purple
    Other Stuff In White
  2. I may be able to loan an item or two, which ones do you need?
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  3. The Museum going strong as always mman, nice items and great job! :D
  4. Right now the only hole in the museum is the super rare item section and the mod head section, I do not have an orange krysyy head or voter's blocks, and the other items are one of a kind items whose owners I have probably already talked to.
  5. Thanks Fendy! besides mine, yours is by far my favorite!
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  6. Wow, your museum looks awesome! Going to check it out now. :)
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  7. I may win a voter's block, or maybe not... but will lend it to you, if I win...
  8. lol
    thought it was long open already :p
    and who are those super awsome loaners :p
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  9. I can lend my empire armor leggings for display :)
  10. and a purple aikar head
  11. Thanks Marshmallow! I will log on now and set up a display.
  12. Update #1: Put up the new Empire armor, thanks marshmallow369
  13. Bought a book and loved it! Super helpful. I'd recommend it to anyone interested in making a bit of money or in promo-collecting.
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  14. I agree with this statement. This book included a lot of basic information that is essential for anyone looking to make money through promos, and I will definitely be trying this method at some point. I thought the last chapter was especially interesting, though the overall quality of the book was very good even without that. The museum itself is beautifully built with a wide variety of items and information. Congrats on a job well done, mman. :)
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  15. Update #2: An Orange Krysyyjane Head has been added to the super rare section! Big thanks to captaincraft300 for loaning this awesome item!
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  16. Update #3: Added the Headless Horseman Mask and the spooky egg, also I am happy to say the museum now owns its own iron referral block!
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  17. Update #4: Added the Voter's Block and Lucky Paper (one of a kind Item!) Thanks Gearmaster09 for selling me the block and loaning the paper.
    Also FYI I recently got the res across from spawn (thanks Jim) so expect a museum related thing there soon.
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  18. Update #5: Lucky Paper has been removed due to it being a glitched item.
  19. Thanks to Olaf_c for loaning his Second Chance Book. It will be Added soon.
  20. You forgot the alexchance head :p