12221 Project Update [+mm]

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  1. Howdy folks... Time for another update on the Miner Mania Restoration Project. If you'd like an update on the project in reference, please look here: https://emc.gs/t/84113. At this point, please do not donate any more to this project as it is in the process of being cancelled.

    I'd like to apologize on the long period of silence on my part, as I was away at university and focusing all of my time there. But since I'm done with that chapter, I'm ready to get back to this task and actually do something with it.

    If you have donated any amount of money to this project before December 27, 2021, please send me a PM on the forums. I'd like to talk with you about getting your donations refunded.
  2. If it is in the process of being cancelled, what will become of the progress that has been made?`
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  3. Will players be refunded/given compensation for the donated items?
  4. In my honest opinion, documentation has been a nightmare since the beginning. At this point in time, I do not have any log of items or rupees donated. All I can do is refund rupees if I am provided a receipt as proof.
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  5. You would need mod's to check rupee history for that but I'm ok if no refund, if was a valiant effort
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  6. You can check your own rupee history on the site, just good luck finding the transaction within the literal thousands of pages. (I donated 100k+ rupees, but couldn't be bothered to find it in the transactions history)
  7. you can also try using the EMC ShopKeeper, helped me find the transactions in like 5-10mins =D
  8. question... i think i donated but i am not sure.. any idea which account it would have been paid to?
  9. mine was a donation book to triphora

    just checked shopkeep and found it quickly
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