1000 days on EMC- AMA and giveaway

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Do you want me to put my head up for sale? Or leave it rare(ish) like it is

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Put your head up for sale already! 27 vote(s) 41.5%
Keep it rare(ish)! 31 vote(s) 47.7%
I don't want your head so It doesn't matter to me! 7 vote(s) 10.8%
  1. So, apparently I have been on EMC for 1000 days. I had no idea until another player (tuqueque1) congratulated me and I checked my /pinfo XD

    But I think I should celebrate in someway

    So how about I give away my head? :D

    To be entered just Ask Me Anything!

    One week from now (Thursday April 28th at 10:00pm) I will put the comment numbers into random.org and then number it spits out will win my head!

    Thank you all for making my time here on EMC so far amazing. Can't wait for my next 1000 days!

    Much love to everyone!


    P.S. multiple entries are fine. Just please do not spam the post. Please wait at least 3 hours before posting a second question/post. Thank you!
  2. Who became your best friend on emc? Congrats! :)
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  3. How could you forget the "another player" name?!
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  4. Eeek! Yay! :D I guess my question is if you could be any animal on EMC, what would you be? Thank you!
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  5. What your favorite food?
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  6. i shall correct my error post haste :p
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  7. My question : How long have you been a staff member on EMC?
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  8. IF 3 = purple and flamingos < evergreens , what time does the bacon land in trampoline?
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  9. What is your favorite Christmas movie? *cough* Die Hard *cough*
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  10. Happy 1000! Will you hold a party? Also what is your favorite thing you have built?
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  11. How confident are you in traveling the nether/wild without backup? :p
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  12. Just give me a heads up before you need to go out and I will clear my calendar :D
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  13. You're the best!
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  14. Do you like turtles?
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  15. Close enough.
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  16. do u like pvp?
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  17. What is your favorite block in minecraft. Congratulations on 1000 days. :)
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  18. Congratz on 1000days!

    I didn't know /pinfo exists; everyone uses /p Thanks for teaching me something tonight. :p
    Favorite mob? (If you dont get it correctly, I will hunt you down..jk) :)
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