1000 day drop party and ama

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  1. The event is now at 3:30 instead of 4. This is emc time.

    On the 24th it will be my 1000'th day on EMC. To celebrate, I will be hosting a drop party and doing an ama. If you want to donate to the party, simply send rupees. I will use them for great things.
    There will be:
    • promos
    • diamonds
    • gold
    • beacons
    • and more!
    I will be asking questions and having some trivia during the party, so things will be fun.
    I encourage you to bring fireworks and spam politely use them on the ground because it is a party.

    Time to ama.

    More info on the party:
    The dropping will be very fair. I will ask a question and players will enter a room corresponding to the right answer. If you get it right, items will be rained upon you. The rooms are small mazes to prevent bunching in one spot. I am certain everyone will get at least something.

    When: 24th of July at 2pm mountain time (4 pm eastern time.)

    Please donate rupees or items. Rupees and mailable items can be sent to me in game. If you have something else that would be hard to mail, send a pm. All donations will be given away.
  2. Hm, not to fond of the spamming fireworks part.

    Are the google ads you get actually relevant? :)
  3. Happy 1,000th day! Mine's coming up in 90 days, which is still pretty far away.

    Do you even remember joining EMC?
  4. Spamming fireworks may make it a bit laggy, so that may be a bad idea.
    My Google ads are great. I google a ton of programming stuff so all I ever see are programming related ads
    I remember it like it was 1000 days ago... I was trying to find a server because ravcloc shut down so I scanned the server lists and saw an ad for EMC. The next day I started building a massive wooden house that went derelict while on vacation. I joined when the server was just expanding smp1 to be the size it is today.
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  5. Bump for the ama and drop party.
  6. What advice would you give new players
  7. wont be able to make it to drop party but gl.
    as for my one question: do you prefer bananas or pineapples?
  8. New players should visit the wiki, and they should try to find some friends or people who can help them out.
    I prefer bananas because I had a dried pineapple once and it was the worst thing I ever tasted. Normal pineapples aren't too bad but bananas taste better.
  9. Wow. Just realised. 1000 days is a lot.
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  10. 1000 days seemed like a good milestone to host a party.
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  11. ?enirboreH kaeps uoy oD
  12. .retsam eht morf nrael ot sniatnuom tsehgih eht elacs ot dah I .esenirboreh fo egaugnal eht ni tneulf yrev ma I
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  13. We'll congrats on the big milestone, some find memories you have on EMC?
  14. I have fond memories of emc. I remember when I played some random luck game with some people in smp1. That was fun. Finishing my old wooden mansion was fun although it was just wood :D
  15. .retsam eht morf nrael ot sniatnuom tsehgih eht elacs ot dah I .esenirboreh fo egaugnal eht ni tneulf yrev ma I
    I am very fluent in the language of herobrine. I had to scale the highest mountains to learn from the master?
  16. Correct. I actually just wrote a quick program so I didn't have to reverse it myself :p
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  17. !yloH
  18. To be or not to be?
    Congratz on 1000!
  19. I haven't read that one, but I will choose to be.
  20. What do you mean by "I haven't read that one?"