1.9 Voters Gear

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  1. I know this thread exists. :)

    Before I begin, shouldn't the Thank You Certificate be towards the end and not the middle? Anyway...

    Voters Shield
    No. The shield cannot get any enchantments (other than unbreaking and mending) therefore it will be straight up better than any other shield.

    Voters Elytra
    Maybe. If it only has mending, it can work. You can never fully lose Elytra unless you throw it in lava or anything of the sort. It should also allow you to be launched into the air to give it a lot of value and make it worth getting. It should launch you around 100 blocks in the air (idea from Pab10S) and have a 30 minute cooldown in the wild. When used in town, no cooldown. You cannot use it in wild then go into town to avoid the cooldown.

    StoneSky's Voters Elytra - Votestreak Bonus 365
    Right click in hand to equip and be launched into the air!

    Voters Battleaxe
    This could be pretty nifty, since axes are a thing in PvP and PvE now. Here is my take on them.

    Voters Battleaxe - Iron Bonus 315, Diamond Bonus 330
    Bane I
    Smite I
    Sharpness II

    This allows the axe to deal 10.5 damage (5 1/4 hearts) towards players and pretty useful for hostile mobs. It is still pretty weak since you can get up to V with any of the enchantments.

    The axe is the only tool that was really meant for combat and I think it should be the only one released.

    Voters Boots
    Add Frost Walker I and it is good.

    Voters Boots
    Protection I
    Feather Falling V
    Frost Walker I
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  2. Boots with frost walker?
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  3. I forgot about Frost Walker. Thanks
  4. I haven't played for like, months. But I like the idea of elytra and the shield. The axe, not so much.

    also, what is "mending"?
  5. Those could actually be a winter promo

    Its used to repair stuff by collecting xp orbs.
  6. Mending allows you to repair items by taking the items that would go to your exp bar and putting it to the items you are currently holding/equipped.
  7. Mending on a tool or armour piece makes it so that whenever you get xp, it's used to repair the item, if it has lost durability. :)
  8. Hahaha, was three answers enough, neonkillah? xD
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  9. all of this overwhelming information is intimidating

    i am never coming back
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  10. Or, ya know, have elytra be at like 500 and give em prot 4?
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  11. no prot, nub