1.9 Promo

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  1. Hey, I just wanted to suggest a 1.9 promo for when it comes out:

    Frozone's Super Boots
    Frost Walker V
    Unbreaking V
    "Honey, where is my super suit?!"

    For those deprived people:

    Could care less about the other armor pieces.

    Please note that 1.9 is still a bit away.
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  2. +disney
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  3. Don't forget to add an attribute modifier for +.05 Speed.
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  4. Yeahh we had a promo for 1.6, I remember that. We should have one for every update :p even if it's insignificant.
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  5. Although I'm not sure if I'd want a promo for an update, I do like the sound of this idea :p
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  7. YAAAAs
  8. That would be awesome!
  9. I love it! :)
    Also love the Movie :D
  10. What was the 1.6 promo?
    I really like the idea
  11. 1, I do LOVE that movie (I have seen it nine times)
    2, YES YES YES.
    3, The horse-update promo were the Indicatus, Saltar and Valens, fBuilderS.
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  12. Ohhhhh *facepalm*
  13. Sounds nice!
    I kind of like the idea of a small speed modifier too.