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Will EMC be ready for 1.9?

You betcha! 8 vote(s) 20.5%
Maybe in a few weeks after it comes out 7 vote(s) 17.9%
We'll prolly stay 1.8.9 for at least 6 months 12 vote(s) 30.8%
Never update to 1.9 8 vote(s) 20.5%
Yay wings! 3 vote(s) 7.7%
Bring back the Ender Dragon! 1 vote(s) 2.6%
  1. It's here, it's here, it's FINALLY HERE! Minangkabau has officially released an official "planned"release date for 1.9! Per their website, it is scheduled to release Thursday 2/25/16. That's just over one week from today!

    Will EMC be ready?!?
  2. EMC won't be ready to update on the 25th.
  3. Im not ready. Nuuu :( I hope emc doesn't update to 1.9.
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  4. Might take EMC a few months to update, it took quite awhile to update to 1.8. Name changes took a long time also, but I have no clue, 1.9 might not take as long. :p
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  5. I don't like the 1.9 update. Mojang changed way too many things. The only good thing that is coming out of this update is the eyletra.

    Honestly, if EMC never updated to 1.9 I'd be perfectly okay with it.
  6. Time to whip me up some ender city kits. :)
  7. Same. But guys, 1.8's planned release date was something crazy like 5 months off. It then took another 5 months for EMC to update.
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  8. If Aikar incidentally forgot how to code and couldn't do the update for another 5 years, I'll just say I wouldn't mind at all.

    Not a fan at all of 1.9 besides the Elytra. They nerfed a lot, fixed things that weren't broken, redid a perfectly fine combat system, and all around I'm not digging it too much.
  9. I thought about making a 1.9 update rant thread a couple of weeks ago, but I didn't want to stir up drama.
  10. I think the elytra is great. The rest is just meh. I'd be fine without 1.9
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  11. No, because EMC already has a waste reset scheduled on the 29th of February. So I guess Aikar will just have to ask Mojang to postpone the release with one more week :D
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  12. I personally am looking forward to dual wield. Not that I like the shields, but it seems like it will be great for mining & building too. Gonna have to load the prerelease on my sp world & try it out. I also like the option for different arrow types.
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  13. But people that hate/don't like 1.9, consider the following, first, with the trap horse thingy, normal players will get to ride skeletal horses around! And then, theres the shield, which should help 65% with marlix fighting, tipped arrows, which can poison that hard-to-hit marlix on impact, elytras, which there would be elytra races like the flight simulators which you have to pass the hoops, and better boats, with no more need to stable and unstable your horse everytime there is a body of water blocking you.
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  14. It's coming. The end is near, my friends.
  15. Hitbox-powered-cannons, doe
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  16. I want EMC to update to 1.9.

    I enjoy many of what's to come from it.

    But in contrast to fleeing from the inconsistent, unpredictable future, the Light, as in Reshiram and its erratic Blue Flare, of the release,
    I'll probably flee from the consistent, predictable past, the Dark, as in Zekrom and its systematic Bolt Strike, of the imprisonment.

    Which side will you take or with you accept both, like the gray Kyurem to fuse with Yin or Yang?
  17. I can't wait for the release of 1.9.

    There are several things I like, such as
    Dual Wielding,
    The End Upgrade,
    And many other things... :)

    This doesn't mean I don't like some things in the update.
    Some examples are the way some of the sounds were changed,
    and the attack speeds, I don't PvP, but I do PvE and I liked the
    previous setup a little better.

    However, I do like more things in the update than I dislike.
    So yea, look forward to it. :)
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  18. I didn't realize the reset was so soon. it feels like it just reset. I got so much to do...........
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  19. Spigot isn't releasing their version until the 26th of February, which will most likely contain bugs. EMC could update, but it most definitely isn't the best idea.
  20. To those saying that it will take a while to update to 1.9, it waas stated on a thread about 1.9 that Aikar (He posted the reply) will be able to update pretty quick.
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