1.9 Farmers Dream

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  1. Items for auction: 1 DC of beetroot, 1 DC of beetroot seeds, 1 DC of water buckets, 1 DC of endstone, 1 DC chorus fruit, 1 DC of chorus flowers and 1 enchanted hoe (unbreaking 3 & mending)
    Starting bid : 15000r
    Minimum increase : 1000r
    Auction ends : 48 hours after last bid
    Happy bidding :D
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  2. Didnt see the post before
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  3. BTW items are at 19145 xD
  4. Requested asthetic modification to OP complete. Terms of auction are not affected by this change.
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  5. Thanks Elfin :D
  6. 36k Breezy
  7. I got called out for this my first bid, How will we pick it up?
  8. auction* not bid
  9. On the res that was mentioned further up above (19145) When the auction is completed I'll give you access to the chests. :3
  10. 38k you egg