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  1. As stated in this link: LINK
    From what Dinnerbone revealed on Twitter 3 days ago.

    "Dinnerbone said today that 1.9 feature development is close to wrapping up, ideally by the end of October! What this means is, before the intended deadline, every major feature planned for the 1.9 update should be in the update, though this does not mean 1.9 will be ready to go at that time. When talking about development, "feature-complete" usually means that bugs and other problems will be tackled almost exclusively from that point on, since the major highlights have already either been added, or mostly ironed out.

    With that said, 1.9 will likely not be far behind! We might see a launch date some time in November, and it is an exciting update indeed. It's easy to forget the sheer amount of new things that have been added, but here only a few of them:

    • Revamped dragon fight
    • Loads of new end content, including cities and portals
    • New mob
    • New status effects (levitation, glowing, frostwalking, and more)
    • Many new building blocks
    • New crops (chorus & beets)
    • Dual-Wielding
    • Shields
    • Potion tipped arrows & lingering potions
    • Revamped boats
    • Wings, which has opened the sky up to us as a playground
    • New enchantments (Mending & Frost Walker)
    • Mob improvements
    What will be the first thing you do in-game when 1.9 comes out?"

    By this 1.9 may come out by end of November. With all this in mind I predict we won't get it on EMC before next year (Probs closer to Feb 2016). And guess what Dragon Tombs will be postponed yet again, but no dramas Mojang is pretty much writing the whole Dragon fight for us.

  2. Nice can't wait to for 1.9 lel
    I'm most excited for shields and dual weilding :D
  3. Imo, they should improve the Elytra by making it work like the gliding mechanics in the Arkham games where you drop down and then glide back up, as well as colored Elytra
  4. I believe Dinnerbone said he wants to make it part of the skin AND you can drop down and glide back up.
  5. Lol, I see the dragon still being disabled in Empire even with the revamp.. Too many (Well few really) will complain about the dragon respawning devaluing the 5 original eggs or something random like that and Aikar will make the dragon not respawn, also because of the destruction aspect of the dragon and how many enderfarms would be torn asunder.. xD
  6. Boats? Mending? Mob improvements? ._.
  7. Don't expect 1.9 to be good, microsoft can screw it up anytime they want :p

    Also minecraft for the hololens will be AWESOOOOME!
  8. Microsoft does not develop Minecraft. Mojang still develops it; money goes to Microsoft, however.
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  9. Well, it could work. The dragon doesn't drop another egg, so it wouldn't have any effect on the current ones, and the dragon could be forced to not destroy blocks. But I still wouldn't like to see the respawn mechanic in the game. For one, too many damn dragons! Lots of people would be spawning them, and the end would be full of them. Secondly, I know that EMC can do it better with Dragon Tombs. I hope that what Aikar has planned for them will blow away what Mojang did... and that's not hard at all.

    But Dragon's Breath... I don't know how that'll be obtained now. Perhaps a token-activated fountain of dragon's breath at the Empire Shop or randomly found throughout the wild?
  10. Any evidence? Cause I thought microsoft bought out mojang all together :p
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  11. Off the top of my head:
    • Development status is still posted on Mojang.com
    • And well, development has still been through Mojang. All the tweets about MC have been through Mojang
    Minecraft is made by Mojang, not Microsoft. Mojang is owned by Microsoft.
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  12. The only person that is not there at Mojang now is Notch. The staff has not changed otherwise since the buyout. Microsoft did not send in Bill Gates Triffids to take over everyone.. o3o
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  13. Your comment made me facepalm a little bit. You have just denounced what mojang has been working on while hyping over a product that only exists because of microsoft's influence. Hololense Minecraft only exists because Microsoft wanted a cool game for hololense. Meanwhile, the development of 1.9 is entirely controlled by the exact same people who have been working on Minecraft since before the purchase. You just accidently complimented the work Microsoft has done with mojang.
  14. Dinnerbone stated that there will most likely be custom elytra.
  15. So i'm just going to say that i'm an idiot, which I knew I was since I started actually speaking xD
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  16. My only question is how the dragon head will be obtained...
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  17. Some people have quit and gotten fired.
    But yeah, I see your point. Microsoft is probably letting Mojang be Mojang.
  18. DT.
  19. Regarding the dual welding...
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