1.8: New blocks again - Delaying New Frontier Outposts

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Aikar, Dec 18, 2013.

  1. I just read that Jeb is working on more Stone variants for 1.8... So, since the world generation will be updated yet again, we will delay adding new outposts to the frontier until then so that they will have fresh 1.8 terrain with new stone.
  2. When is the ETA for 1.8 update?
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  3. only thing theyve said is that snapshots will start in january, so Feb/March id expect
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  4. So does this mean you will be putting more time into working on Dragon Tombs?
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  5. The new outposts would of mainly been a max/cow thing anyways.
  6. #BlameJeb
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  7. The new block is Granite and when Jeb was asked about if that means having to go generate new land to get it he stated something along the lines of making it craft-able.
  8. Are we shifting priority to dragon tombs now ;D?
  9. lmao, maxicow
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  10. What if we have a huge outpost right next to where a new frontier outpost will be?
  11. Waits for 1.8 to come out...
  12. the new outposts will be out past where anyone has ventured fret not
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  13. If someone has seriously went out 750k blocks, they can PM me and we can pick a farther number..
  14. Only if 1.8 came on March 11 (meh birthday [Titanfall comes out on my birthday ^_^] )
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  15. Unless they are Staff then I doubt anyone has...
  16. I am now considering starting the trek. Not really doe