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Bacon Bits?

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  1. This is a thread for speculation of the upcoming 1.6 snapshots/update. Post what you think might be added or what you want to be added. I personally think they will be adding haybales into 1.6 since they are in the .png files already.
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  2. things i hope they add:
    • a grill
    • stuff you can cook on da grill
    • graveyards
    • wraiths for the graveyards
    • sandstorms for deserts
    • waffles
    • hydration so water has a bigger purpose
    • some kind of new biome that involves bigger and thicker trees than jungle trees, where you can find waterfalls and some epic new stuff :p
    • a nether boss of some sort, we need more reasons as why we have to go to the nether.
    • a human mob, that goes around chopping down trees and doing what a real person does, testificates are just creepy.
    • maybe something along the line of redpowers microblocks.... :D
    • maybe bridges of rivers so we can have trolls or something?
  3. Notch/Jeb/Dinnnerbone, one of those.
    Tweeted a while back that they plan to add a ton of new mobs in 1.6.....
    So we can expect a lot of new mobs hopefully :D
    I also would like if we could have hydration. (IGNORE THIS ONE I WASN'T THINKING WHEN I ADDED IT)
    Make water only spawn in villages and wells in desert biomes.
    Make spiders tameable during the day. I want to ride around on one :3
    Make emeralds actually useful. Maybe the strenght of diamond but the durability of iron, or vise versa. Or it's own whole thing i don't know.
    Add another ore.
    and a new ranged weapon. Musket?
  4. I always did like the idea of sandstorms ... when it's raining in jungle/wild... snowing in tundra's ... why not have it so it's harder to see in desert biomes during a sand storm - maybe even harder to move a bit too?

    I dislike, personally, the idea of hydration more then liking it ... it played some zombie games and it goes down 'way' fast ... it's more of a pain to worry about both eating and drinking - then to just enjoy playing.
  5. I'm hoping they will add a nether boss and a better use for bats considering theyre just for decoration really :p
    Ooh also I would like to craft tools with emeralds in Vanilla Minecraft instead of just in Tekkit.
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  6. I want added the ability to smelt iron ingots into steel ingots which, when made into tools, would have more durability and efficiency than iron, but less than diamond. and iron would be able to rust
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  7. I want:
    More Biomes
    More weapons
    A way to build big, workable ships.
  8. A human mob

    Oh no were died


  9. I guess i can understand that.
    Now that i think about it this one mod called the Day Z mod had thirst......that was a pain to keep up with.
  10. 1. I hate hate hate HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTEEEEEEEEEEE the idea of having to worry about whether or not I'm gonna dehydrate and die. PLUS everything you're able to drink doesn't stack, so that's gonna take up a load of inventory space. There would be no point in trying to mine or anything with an inventory full of bottles of water/buckets of water/milk.

    2. Water only spawn in villages and desert wells? So no more oceans? I would have to travel all the way to a desert or a village JUST to get water?

    3. If Iron rusted then there's no point in using it for anything. I don't want to make armor just to have to chuck it later because it looks like crap. It would then also be pointless to use for decorations if it rusts.
  11. Yes.....big.....workable.....boats. (We all need a place for dem Iron Hoes right?)
    This would be me..... sailing my ship
    (Edit) Maybe not me but Rainbow Dash would look like this.....
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  12. No what i meant by that was the only water in deserts would be in wells :p
    I like oceans....
    I would love this because then I could build battleships that had tnt cannons on them
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  15. Yeah lol.
    I would miss water D:
    I just think water should be a bit more rare in the desert. and that they should make the Desert biomes automatically huge.
    Deserts are supposed to be hostile and unforgiving.
    In Minecraft whenever i see one during the day (Night is a different story) I'm just like. "Eh, i can get through in like 5 minutes...."
    Deserts should auto generate the size of super large biomes, i think they should be more of an obstacle.
    I would like to be able to make our own paintings. (Can you imagine the cool stuff people could do with that?)
    First, however, we need to be able to place them again.......
  16. Why people asking for nether boss? Wither not enough?

    I would like to be able to smelt the 12 stacks of iron fence I accidentally made back into iron ingots.

    Bats should turn into vampires which suck your hunger, and when your hunger is gone, your health. You should need a wooden sword to kill the vampire, otherwise you can just run away from the vampire.

    I would like to see a new crop - Oats.
    And a new mob - Horse.

    Horses need to be fed oats to get them to move, and you control them with a stick and carrot.
    Saddles become craftable
    Cows drop more leather. Or should either be able to cover my entire body with leather armor from a twc cowskins (like in real life).
    Mooshrooms drop 0-2 red mushrooms when killed.
  17. horses should be able to be controlled without a carrot on a stick, so that you can use them to attack players on pvp servers with
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  18. He did actually say that in the quote....
  19. he said with, not without