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Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by chickeneer, Mar 28, 2013.

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  1. Hello Empire Minecraft! This is chickeneer with another fun-filled and exciting EMC contest. Now that we are well underway with the 1.5.1 Redstone Update I had the brilliant idea to hold a contest to find out which one of YOU could build the greatest Redstone creation here on EMC.

    A few rules and guidelines need to be followed though.
    • First and Foremost- your creation MUST be built here on EMC.
      • Additionally it must be located in Town unless there is some aspect of it which requires it to be located elsewhere.
    • In addition to being built on EMC; it also has to work on EMC.
    • It should utilize AT LEAST one of the new Redstone features brought to us by Mojang in 1.5
    • Finally, all entries can only be entered ONCE by a single person *more information below*
    So that is some of the most basic information regarding the contest. But, how is a contest like this going to be judged?
    Well, Judging shall be done by a select group of the Staff based on the following criteria:

    • Originality: Have we seen this before on Youtube, EMC, etc.
    • Creativity: How unique is the build; more than just a cobble generator.
    • Efficiency: How well does the machine do its job? How automated is it? The practical balance between being Fully-Automated and if there is a cost in production time as a result.
    • Aesthetics: How good does it look? Is Redstone wiring strung here, there, and everywhere or is the area you see presentable?
    These are the basic ideas we will keep in mind as we go through judging your creation and all will play an important role on choosing the Final winner.

    Ok, so now that you know a little more about the contest. You probably want to know just how much time you have to get this built. The answer is 2 Weeks from this post. You have exactly 2 weeks to design, build, and submit your entry. The Submission Form can be found HERE.


    All creations must be made accessible to the judges. Details will be discussed by PM. (after entering the contest)

    WARNING! Remember that minecarts can be broken by anyone regardless of flags, so consider enclosing them protect them from potential griefers.

    SOOO Finally, the most important part; PRIZES.

    After judging is complete, we will Assign a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place. These winners will receive a Rupee Prize on top of certain other currently unannounced prizes that I promise will be WELL worth it.

    Currently the total Rupee Pot to be distributed to the winners is 215,000 Rupees from the following donators:
    • chickeneer: 50k
    • Dwight5273: 10k
    • 5weety: 10k
    • margaritte: 10k
    • Jcplugs: 30k
    • Zabriel: 15k
    • napoleon365: 10k
    • heyaroo: 5k
    • Dreacon78: 50k
    • shaunwhite1982: 25k
    If you would like to donate money to the contest. You should send it to "ChickenEar" and I shall update this post with your donation information.

    *A group may choose to enter the contest through a single person. Prizes will not necessarily split evenly through a group; you would be responsible for deciding how to split it up*

    Thank you everyone, and as always feel free to reply here or Send me a message with any questions you may have.
  2. I really wish I knew how to use this stuff...
  3. Oh dang! I totally had to submit to this, lol.
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  4. Must enter.....
  5. i can make a thing that is mostly useless if you dont have a emc firework :p
  6. 2 weeks . . . so April 11, 2013?
  7. I am so going to fail at this. But I suppose I'll try.
  8. How about usefulness?
  9. Well since it's a Chickeneer contest, I guess I'll enter. :p
  10. Submitted :D
  11. I'm going to make the biggest, dumbest, most pointless [Blocking point of it] ever!!!
  12. Can't wait to see what all you clever cookies come up with :)
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  13. Hmm?Gonna enter!
  14. Wait...Do you build it first?
  15. Yes, you build it and then after it is finished, you enter :)
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  16. What if I made more than one...I can't decide :O
  17. Donations have been updated
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  18. Looking forward to seeing what everyone makes. Once I can finally update then I may try making my own thing, but not for contests..I reserve those for the players.
  19. YES! my name is my name for a reason!:D
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  20. I donated! Im really excited to see what you guys come up with. :)
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