1.5.2 - EMC Updated

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by JackBiggin, May 2, 2013.

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    1.5.2 is now EMC compatible
    Please update
  2. Wha? So contradicting.
  3. Prepare yourselves. "ZOMG I UPDAYTD HOW DU I NOT!?" "HURRI UP N UPGRYD!" and "ZOMG I GUN LOOZ MUH REZZZ YA'LL!" posts are coming.
  4. Was that a mistake about EMC being version 1.5.2 at the end of the post? Or is it still 1.5.1?
  5. The server is 1.5.1 because Jack said they didn't get the okay to update yet. :eek:
  6. Fix'd. I fail.

    EMC is currently at 1.5.1
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  7. Sorry for no notice... I thought 1.5.2 was compat with 1.5.1.... Doh.
  8. Oh, Aikar...
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  9. Hmmph, so did I.
    Isn't it just bug fixes?
  10. Any estimate on when the server will be updated?
  11. When the Admins decide to update.
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  12. no need for hostility mate, was only asking
  13. There was no hostility, that is simply the answer, nobody here can give you even a guess.
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  14. Here's a guess: within the next 10 years.
  15. More than a millisecond
  16. And this is why the economy is ruined.... JK
  17. Can't wait to get me some horsies. (that is what is coming, no?)
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  18. No, that's in 1.6
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  19. Nope. That's 1.6.

    1.5.2's just bug fixes and Minecraft Realms optimizations.

    EDIT: Rainbow'd >.<
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