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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Liasen, Jan 29, 2012.

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  1. Hi
    I read about the minecraft 1.2 update and got caught up on the jungle biome:)
    But to get the jungle biome you have to generate a new world:(
    And that would probably mean that we will never get a Jungle Biome on Utopia, smp 1, 2, 3 and 4:(
    Or we can restart the whole wilderness:)
    Or not....
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  2. What do you think?
  3. I'm pretty sure the admins and mods have already said there will be a wild reset sometime after the patch.
  4. I would rather not sacrifice the heritage of our world for some new thing...

    But I don't know exactly what options are to be had.
  5. I think it's a good idea to restart the whole wilderness, I mean it actually is really griefed so if we reset the wilderness it will be more beautiful (for a while) and we will get a jungle biome;)
    Maybe I should set up a poll...;)
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  6. Some of us have communities in the wild. I actually don't find living in Town to be very much fun.

    There are more ungriefed places that I value than there are griefed places I can't stand.
  7. Yeah....
    But I still want a jungle biome in the empire....
    I think I'm gonna start a poll about this...
  8. Look, if the update demands we need to regen, then we do.

    But if you are too lazy to fix griefed things, that shouldn't be a reason that I and others will have to rebuild their entire existence on Empire.

    This will ultimately be decided by the owner/senior admins, and the decision will be based on server logistics rather than cosmetics.

    If you don't like the griefed areas, go fix them instead of actively trying to undo the good work of others along with the damage done by griefers.
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  9. Justin said in another thread, he's not sure what will need to happen yet, but whatever happens, there will be a discussion about it first.
  10. I think there is too much work put into our worlds to just delete them all so we can have 5 brand new servers.

    If people care so much about new biomes to give up everything they have ever done, then why can't those people just move to a new server with 1.2 terrain??

    With that said, there might just be issues with the game running correctly and we have little choice but to update.

    But to call out for the cataclysmic end of so many people's life's work (on Empire) just so you can run through new biomes without connecting to a different server seems like a stupid, lazy (and selfish) idea.

    (No offense Liasen, I just think you should consider the feelings of others)
  11. There was a discussion much like this when 1.1 came out because the wilderness was going to be reset, but in the end there was a compromise and it didn't need to get reset.

    1.2 isn't out yet, and I'm sure once it is the staff will test it first, find out what needs to happen to integrate it with the empire and there will be discussion and compromise will be made. Lets not get too panicked yet because we don't know what the options are until it comes out and the staff have time to test it.
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  12. I believe that notch will find a way to integrate jungle in the worlds lik he integrated swamps, Ravines, mineshafts, strongholds, villages and nether ruins.
  13. And if they dont we could always mak smp5 as the world with jungle
  14. But I play on smp1 and I think it would be nice if every server had jungle biomes:)
  15. Ik id lik that too but if they dont mak it u could always use vault
  16. But there must definetely be a world with jungle or else we wil lose many things such as the New types of wood and leaves and even OCELots and kittens
  17. i dont think we'll need a jungle biome for kittens and ocelots, only if you want to tame them in the wild. they'd have to be in the /purchase animal system to have them in town, because i'm pretty certain animals wont follow you through the town portal.
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  18. they dont, proven with wolves' behavior now.
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  19. Stil u might wat them in wild
  20. Nobody is panicking, but also, nobody needs to vote on the issue because as stated...
    And in the end we just need to wait and find out what the Admins/server needs before we start deciding which sides we're on.
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