1.10 Update

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  1. So Recently A snapshot for the 1.10 update came out so I thought why not make a thread on all the stuff that was added. Im sure other people have already done this but I doing this for fun and im bored XD Sory if im missing anything :/

    New Mobs/Spawn Eggs:
    -Polar bear, spawns in snowy biome and will only attack u if there is a cub near by.
    -Husk, a restructured zombie that doesnt burn in daylight and spawns in desert. If it hits u, u get hunger.
    -Stray, its a restructured skeleton. Not sure where it spawns. Burns in daylight
    -Endermen now spawn in nether.
    -tamed cat spawn eggs
    -elder gaurdian spawn eggs
    -zombie horse spawn eggs
    -skeleton horse spawn eggs
    -mule spawn eggs
    -donkey spawn eggs
    -regular horse spawn eggs

    New Controls/Land Features:
    -Some relatively broken uses of relative coordinates are fixes and should work relatively well now
    -Changed abandoned mineshafts in mesa biomes, there seems to be something shiny inside
    -New auto-jump feature, can be turned on and off in the game settings

    New Blocks:
    -Magma Block, generates in nether and will hurt u if u walk on it.
    -Bone block, a white block made of bonemeal
    -Nether Wart block, generates in nether, made of netherwart
    -Red Nether Brick, generates in nether, made of nether bricks and maybe nether wart? XD
    -Structure Blocks, Structure blocks for map makers and another new technical block to work with them. They can copy and paste structures/buildings.

    Thats all I can remember from the top of my head :3
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  2. Strays spawn in cold biomes and give you slowness.
  3. so far this sounds more appealing to me than 1.9 does :)
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  4. One update at a time.
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  6. :eek:muuuuuuuuuuuuust hhhhave SKELETON HORSES HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  7. Are you okay?
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  8. I got some on Monday in my ssp! right in front of me like an army it was so cool! plus they came tamed built a barn with a bone on the roof (for maps) and named one "The Riding Dead" :)
  9. I will one day ride Indiana Bones
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  10. Don't forget fossils!
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