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  1. Hey there! (the most amazing people of Empire Minecraft!)
    I am just going to start this with some gushy, overly dramatic typical kind of thing and just say that i don't know where my life would be if i hadn't stumbled across this magnificent place in 2012. what i do know is that the addiction is real :p i can't go a half hour without logging in or browsing the forums on my phone at early hours of the night because why not. lol

    anyway, the 30th is my 1,000 days of Empire Minecraft. :eek: awesome right? its a big deal for me, lol. even though i am not the oldest player around, i think i am one of a bunch who are this old who still play. i don't plan on leaving any time soon either.
    I have met 98% of my current friends because of minecraft, mostly Empire in general. this was my first multiplayer server.. i even upgraded my account to premium the night i found this place. it was pretty awesome looking at my mojang account and realizing i made it premium the day i signed up here. xD
    this place is filled with such conversation, buzzing forums at all hours... always something new to read, nothing sits on the front page for too long before someone else has posted something new and i love that!
    happiness and friendships and stemmed from being a part of this and i could never live without it.
    can't beat the faction-less, clean chat, perfect residences, lovely roads, great coding, amazing plugins and pretty flawless uptime!
    I love making new friends, i always like having someone to talk to and to occupy my empty time with. so if you've never said hello to me please do, stop being shy and throw some love at my inbox :)
    if i've been your friend for a while, or just a short time.. you know who you are and i thank each and every one of you, here at Empire for being such a big part of my life. it has been a rough one, but everyone here stands together when someone is in need. what a better place to be part of when so many of you here are here for everyone else.
    during my time here i have become addicted to saving my rupees, collecting and auctioning items off, so keep an eye out for the ever present auction i have going on. lol
    if you have never visited my Bat Cave, please do. it is located on Utopia and just type /v battmeghs to give it a shot. (warning though: don't like bats? avoid it :p)
    i have a small shop called BatWayne Cavern on SMP 7 where i sell things for super cheap because i don't much care for gaining rupees off small things. i don't usually keep it stocked, i fill it with random things i have too much of or have no need for. i do sell horses (none of them are kept for stats, just colors) you can walk around and see which you like the most and i'll give you a little horsie :) some items however, will always be stocked. cow, chicken, pig and mooshroom spawn eggs, along with cocoa beans, nether warts, wheat, cacti, seeds, carrots and potatoes! (the shop is still kind of being built remodeled but does have some random items for sale)
    I recently became the owner of a none original dragon egg that is being displayed there in a sandstone temple along with my collection of player heads and promotional artifacts.

    for anyone who hasn't taken a look at my photography thread, it can be found here: battmeghs photography. i usually update it rather frequently.

    if you're interested in anything else about me go right on ahead and shoot me a message or comment on here.. since this is something as big as my 1,000th day.. i guess i'll do a giveaway.. i'll be giving some thought and searching through my things to see what is worthy of a giveaway.
    i have a nifty sword that i have no idea how i got .. i just know i've had it for a year or two and i've never used it.. its kind of got a nice attack percentage.. or what about my voters armor? i don't know, when i wake up in the morning i will update this then! :p

    yay for 1,000 days of battmeghs xD
  2. -reserved-
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  3. For a thousand days, she kept us safe.
    Through the harsh situations and the glorified fights.
    For a thousand days more will she stay with us,
    Battmeghs, our Dark Knight.
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  4. Congrats on 1K days in EMC. :D
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  5. May I suggest a change in the title and make this an AMA? ;)

    Congratulations on 1,000 days, you're old! :D
  6. Congratulations on the 1k days!!! :D
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  7. Congrats on 1000 days Meghs, will have to visit the Bat Cave :D Love your photography and those stunning green eyes of yours.
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  8. That was a great read. Congratulations on 1,000 days :)

    -Gadget ;)
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  9. Congrats on 1,000! All the bats, uh, best to you :D
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  10. too long, happy amerika day tho you lil scamp
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  11. Congrats on 1,000 days Meghs! Here's to another 1k :)
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  12. Wow! Nice read. Grats on your 1000 days, almost :p. It amazes me to see that people are still here after all that time, thanks for sticking around. :)
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  13. Congratulations on the milestone Megh, yay for 1,000 days of battmeghs! ;)
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  15. but any time i say i want an ama... all i get asked is how i came to be obsessed with batman :p and only other batman related things.. :( lol kind of boring
    where is my cake?

    and lookie here! its the 30th! :D :D :D yay
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  17. Wow! Happy one thousand consecutive days in the Empire!
    Will do!
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  18. Meghs! Congrats on the 1k milestone, I shall toast to another 1k days of fun!
    Your post is awesome and like it (almost as much as your photos...heh dont stop taking pics)
    Agreed, I really couldn't imagine 'life without EMC'

    While we have only had little conversation, you have always been a fun player.

    Now, for a few questions...
    Your favorite type of game (or specific games) that is not MC. (strategy, FPS, etc)
    Xbox or Playstation (or Nintendo)
    Your favorite animal irl that you can actually have a a 'pet'?
    Your favorite food (or food type)?
    What state/city do you want to live in?
    The craziest thing you want to do that you will actually do someday.
    What would your 'ideal' job be (that you believe you can attain)

    Last, most important question
    Are you happy where you are at in life?

    Again, congrats Meghs, wish you the best, hope to see ya down in the mines!
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  19. - i like shooter games, i'm excellent with sniper jobs. i can haul some major killings on halo and cod with a sniper xD i like assassins creed because of the amazing kill scenes and i can ride a horsie around in pretty much every game.. can't stand the controls and how the character never listens to what buttons you push (sending him flying off that 50 foot building you just climbed because of whatever reason he didn't feel like garbing the ledge next to him)
    jak and daxter series from the ps2 days... the graphics kill me but i still love them.
    skyrim is my number 1 obsession really, followed by the sims, zoo tycoon, life is feudal i've been trying to get a handle of... mostly like, adventure/shooter? types i guess. xD
    - i can't say no to xbox, playstation or nintendo.. lol
    - my favorite animal is a horse, and cats.
    - i have a slight obsession with spaghetti WITH garlic bread.... if i don't have garlic bread then the spaghetti is pretty worthless to me xD
    - i am pretty sure i don't want to live in any state in the usa anymore... i need to jump country. this place sucks. xD
    - i am not a person who likes doing crazy things... so i really don't know about that lol
    - i really wanted to work at a zoo, with animals.. or an interior designer i like the sims games for the fact that i get to build and design houses
    - and that last question lol ... i really am not happy where i am in life. i'm pretty sure i screwed everything up and i think almost every day how much i just want to delete the save file and start completely over again =\

    thanks for asking questions :p *opens the sims 4 back up. mwahahahaha.
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