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  1. ` nothing to see here ` :p
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  2. currently for sale:
    i have absolutely no use for enchanted books, and i've found a few more lurking around the cave

    enchanted books
    knockback 2
    efficiency 1
    sharpness 1 x2
    protection 2 x4
    aqua affinity 1
    bane of arthropods 1
    power 2

    if you're interested in these items please comment below, or send me a message. :)
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  3. its good to see that, even though you are a moderator, you still have time to open and manage a shop! :D
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  4. these are still for sale,
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  5. Could we get a free batman bobble head with a purchase over 10k? :p
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  6. i kinda like this idea . . . :)
  7. so, the bat store is now rebuilt, has nothing in chests or anything ready for sale yet but the building is up on SMP 7 at 15246 :) if you wanted to check it out and let me know!

    also, i'm considering the name of the store, batman related, of course.. Wayne Enterprises? or keep it The Bat Store? or something? tell me what you guys think.
    the name i pick gets 10,000 rupees :) - and my bobble head :D
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  8. Bat store is nice, and so this is what you've been doing on smp7 :p
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  9. BatWayne (Cavern Store, Inc., or Enterprises)
    ^^^ Best idea ever
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  10. Bat store is too generic. And Wayne enterprises is nice but also idk used. How about Harley Quinn Inc. or Gothom Grocers
  11. Gothem Grocers is the best ever!
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  12. Every time someone leaves the res you can send the message. Thanks for shopping GG
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  13. i will never, ever, ever in my life, refer to anything with "swag" -_______- lolol so maybe lets forget the swag part. xD

    keep ideas coming, thy lovelies. :D
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  14. Entrance message should be Gothom Grocers : even a Bat has got to eat
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  15. Lemme teak my thing then
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  16. well the items i would sell would probably be more than just food items. some random things one could get from a 3 hour mining trip maybe.

    i like the ideas so far, but i want a handful of them so i can think about them lol :D
  17. Robin's nest
  18. Gotham Emporium then.
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