[EVENT] Suited Animal Movement Party and My 1000th Day Party!

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Can you make it?

Yes! 23 vote(s) 52.3%
No. 1 vote(s) 2.3%
To early to tell. 20 vote(s) 45.5%
  1. Description: I am also celebrating how many people joined the Suit Animals Movement. My official 1000th day is Oct 30th, but that is not the date of the party (It is listed below). I have been playing on the empire for 1000 days which is pretty mind boggling. I've met so many amazing people and you have brought me through the highs and lows of life. I am so grateful for this community so I am giving back, by hosting a huge drop party! I have spent over 250k with the items that will be dropped.

    Special Thanks: I would like thank the people who helped make this project
    possible. Without Mr_Zulus the redstone involved with this project would have never gone anywhere. He was there day and night trying to make this huge elaborate dropping system, which still confuses me how it even works. Also huge thanks to JaydenIrwin who build the actual party room, without him it would probably be a dirt room looking horrible. Then there was ultimategamer107 who donated almost half of the iron blocks needed for the project. JMB6362 helped place down all those iron blocks. Also thanks to EpicPumpkinPie who found lots of cheap items, and donators for the event. As you can see without these people I might not have had this event

    (Just so everyone's not confused, and is like Tech your only 500 days old? I had an account I played on with the username of bob24681024 I used to play on, but don't anymore. I use this account because I really started to hate my old username.)


    Event Time/Date: November 22th, 2:00-3:00pm EDT Time
    Location: Res 6289, SMP3

    Donation Info: If you would like to donate materials/items to the drop party please go to 6289 and there will be a hopper at the end of the red carpet.
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  2. Pictures:

    (For any confusion the dispensers are under the quartz slabs, and still function under the slabs.;))
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  3. Yes I am TechFilmer.
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  4. I'll be there.
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  5. If you can/cannot make it please vote in the poll so I can get a rough attendance.;)
  6. I currently put i cannot tell yet, I will respond when i can if i end up knowing for sure I plan on coming but i might not be able to.
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  7. I cannot predict if I can come or not, but it is looking like I am able to come. But NO promises! :p
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  8. By the sounds of it, I'll be able to come (the time and date fits), but I may not be able to come if anything irl comes up. :)
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  9. Any pre hype we can get going?
  10. Congrats! Nearly 1000th day for me as well. 7-10pm emc is pretty early for me. Every1 who makes it to the party have fun!
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  11. Bumps. Pictures will be coming soon! (If the website doesn't bug:p)
  12. Got those pictures up sorry for the wait! ;)
  13. Bumps. Can we get some discussion going?;)