0 rupee Club

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  1. ^That is rather self-explanatory :D^
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  2. Just wondering if i am alone
  3. There are others out there with 0, I'm sure. Not me, though. >_>
  4. We could make it happen. :) This sounds like a pretty exclusive club, the kind that you might want to be in. I'd suggest getting rid of your rupees by giving them all to a close friend... As a matter of fact, I'd be willing to accept the burden of your riches! :D
  5. Right... now who want all my rupees?
  6. "Donates 1r to s_Builder_s"
  7. I guess I'm in the club now, after all that fool's gold.
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  8. Well I once had 0, does that count?
  9. So it was you
  10. And who is s_Builder_s?
  11. Typo omg im soo sorry D:
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  12. xD
  13. Erherm! I believe it should go to the friend who's helped him frequently these past two weeks. :p :D
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  14. Fixed that for ya. :p The six million rupees shall be mine! Fendy, Fendy, be my hero, make your rupees one big zero!
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  15. I think I'll be keeping it all, my bad guys :rolleyes:
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  16. At least you don't need money (too much) in order to travel around the servers ;)

    I've been there (previous server, only reason I mention it is because I think its funny): trading between shops was fully legal there and considered to be part of the gameplay. Traveling between towns was done through portals but going through one of them required an x amount of money (around 10). So at one time I saw the deal of my life: a shop buying quartz blocks. And I happened to recall another shop in a few towns away which sold nether quartz.

    So the next day I put all my money into that. At that time the shop which bought the quartz blocks had ran out of money, and I only noticed when I was left with 5 amounts of cash. So not only out of cash, but also virtually stuck in a town :p (I could teleport home though and also teleport to a mining world, so it wasn't all bad. But traveling to towns became a major problem from there on ;)).
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  17. Lemme fix that for ya :p
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  18. I did offer originally... :p
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  19. Yeah but friends don't help friends for money, :p They help because they're friends. :D
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  20. Wish i could join the club... but haven't been down to 0 in a longggggg time. :D
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