Jun 2, 2018
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So worth the laugh, thank you jaqque and moops for raising my spirits again. Dec 14, 2019 at 12:18 AM

    1. Sadie_Dragon
      Bag breaks, back gets worse, I have a horrible migraine... "HEY SADIE! Magister is sick and can't host Certamen practice!" Oh fudge. *Tries to contact mom... nothing* *gets home with a friend* "Oh i had the phone on silent" can I have a redo on today?
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    2. Sadie_Dragon
      I'm sick, i've pulled my back. I am the Certamen Latin 3 leader for this year (the only Latin 4 student is helping me colead the team), and the meetings start their weekly cycle tomorrow evening... oh, and I'm a week behind from 2 absences in 2 weeks. Sigh.. I think I'm Qrow...
    3. Sadie_Dragon
      *figures out the /execute command- and how that simplifies a lot, I almost scream in the library* YES YES ... *ok that feels random i'll hush now*
    4. Sadie_Dragon
      Got my reward for reading the most boring book in the history of all that I've read: a very huge climax at the end of the book with action to put me on edge.... *mic drop* and rescue.
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    5. Sadie_Dragon
      Man I hate Lord of the Flies. 10 times, hearing it and reading- 11.
    6. Sadie_Dragon
      Misses the first official school day of schools cause of pain, gets home from doc and the dog makes me sleep... wake up and go to the library to find my email full of the math teacher giving me an earload. Ugh. Love you too, math.
    7. Sadie_Dragon
      Woke up but lost ten minutes to a dog literally hugging my leg.. sometimes I wonder if owning a dog is like having a child.. sigh. needed the cute pup this morning, anyway.
    8. Sadie_Dragon
      Lose my career chances, or lose the hope of getting the college i need for it... *sigh*....
      1. Tbird1128
        you won't lose either. It might be a bit of a set back but you will go to college and have the career you are meant to have.
        Aug 9, 2018
    9. Sadie_Dragon
      I. Hate. School. End it, burn it, get me out. Make it May, someone, give me all the credits for this year, let me out. Please.
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      2. Otus_NigRum
        Schools been blown to pieces!
        Aug 8, 2018
      3. Jay2a
        That attitude's gonna change really quickly as the years go by :P
        Aug 8, 2018
      4. Sadie_Dragon
        When you've had a rough time in school? :/
        Aug 8, 2018
    10. Tuqueque
      I'll be at 16060
      1. Tuqueque
        There always be light if there is hope :)
        Aug 8, 2018
    11. Sadie_Dragon
      How many people will try to stop me if I say I too am quitting?
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      2. Sadie_Dragon
        Well then that sparked a lot of fire. I have been dealing with a lot of drama, and I don't feel safe on EMC anymore. Sides, my plans on EMC keep getting bottlenecked by life.... so I keep getting bored. Can y'all understand that?
        Aug 7, 2018
      3. Tbird1128
        I've told you before you have to do what is right for you. Like the others I want you to stay but you have to do what is right for you. If you do leave you will be greatly missed.
        Aug 7, 2018
      4. Kryarias
        I agree with T, do what is best for you.
        Aug 7, 2018
    12. Sadie_Dragon
      I'm out, I'm FREE I'm FREE. Math due Friday cause the teacher messed up, and meeting someone on here irl in a few hours, excited!
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      2. MoreMoople
        Aug 6, 2018
      3. Sadie_Dragon
        Headsup moople, the freshmen here weren't exactly the brightest....
        Aug 6, 2018
    13. Sadie_Dragon
      *wakes up and proceeds to turn into the morning dragon* COFFEE. Don't care if it hurts. Coffee! *then turns into a coffee zombie and waddles to the kitchen in search of COFFEE*
    14. MattieTheSpud
      *stares at a sadie*

    15. Sadie_Dragon
      I see next year they skimp the year even more.... I sniff year round in 2 years, sorry to the underclassmen i leave behind this year!
    16. Sadie_Dragon
      About to finish this packet! WOO
    17. Sadie_Dragon
      HOTSPOT! Mom can't drive
    18. Sadie_Dragon
      Schedule came out and OH HEY i have *that* teacher again. The one who's gonna hold memories HIGH. I'm going to go take a break.
    19. Sadie_Dragon
      ONE THIRD OF THE PACKET DONE! WOOHOO now 2/3 more... I might give up on a migraine
      1. MattieTheSpud likes this.
      2. Sadie_Dragon
        8 more and halfway *gets stuck* ugh.
        Aug 3, 2018
      3. Sadie_Dragon
        I. Hate. Math.
        Aug 3, 2018
    20. Sadie_Dragon
      My dyscalculia worsens... Shall I claim this as part of the fact I'm already burned out, or just because my brain's lazy from the summer...
      1. Sadie_Dragon
        Also MAJOR thanks to chickeneer for shoving me along when I am fed up.
        Aug 3, 2018
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