Got cake? CakeCo Incorporation needs it!

Discussion in 'Products, Businesses, & Services' started by roblikescake, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. roblikescake Well-Known Member

    There are 11 doublechests left to fill. Do you guys really want this drop party or what??
  2. roblikescake Well-Known Member

    As each chest is filled it's shop sign will be removed. This way you can see how many chests are left.
    6 hours and 13 minutes left. Hurry guys!

    Fun Facts:
    1. CakeCo HQ Pyramid consists of 6,504 cakes.
    2. CakeCo X-Change consists of 720 cakes.
    3. I have spent over 80k on cake in total.
  3. Rkramer7792 Well-Known Member

    So are you no longer buying cakes? Move perms are off :(
  4. TheTrufflehunter Well-Known Member

    i have like 2 large chests! wait!
  5. roblikescake Well-Known Member

    Results will be posted in a new thread. Mods, please close this one.

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