Supporter Upgrades

So you want to help the Empire a little bit more than voting and referring? Consider becoming a supporter and unlock many additional benefits! Supportership helps pay for things such as new servers, paid advertising, marketing, paying off debts we took on just to keep us running and more. It is the perfect way to say Thank You.

Notice: Payments will be made to Starlis LLC, the company that owns Empire Minecraft, ran by Aikar. However the payment email and statements will list Empire Minecraft.
If you are under 18, please have your parents permission to upgrade.

You may cancel your subscription at any time if you do not wish to keep it for more than 1 month.

Payments are not refundable.

Disclaimer: Forcing a refund/chargeback on a payment will result in a ban, as it would be theft.

Manual Purchase for Vouchers/Prepaid Cards:

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Upgrade Upgrade Upgrade
Name Color
In-game your username will appear this color, on the site you will get a special title with this color.
White Silver Gold Light Blue
Daily Rupees Bonus
This bonus is given daily when you sign-in to any server.
100 400 700 1,300
Number of Residences
The total number of residences you can have in the Empire.
1 1 2 4
Named Residence Locations
Maximum number of locations you can save on a Residence. Allows quick travel to spots.
1 3 8 100
Max Vault Pages
Maximum number of pages your cross-server vault can have.
2 5 25 50
Residence Tags
Number of tags allowed per Residence. Helps people find your residence.
2 5 10 20
Base Stable Slots
Base number of stable slots available.
1 2 3 5
Less Ads
Removes ads on the website that may interfere with content. (Header & Footer still show)
Automatic Daily Bonus
Receive your daily sign-in rupees bonus even if you don't sign-in that day (at midnight ET).
Reserved Slot
Connect to any Empire Minecraft server anytime, even if it is full.
Supporters Forum
A private forum that only supporters have access to.
Supporters Chat Channel
Chat server wide with other supporters and staff, it is not restricted to local outside of Town.
Customize Residence Messages
Can set a custom enter and leave message for your residence(s).
Utopia Server
» HUGE 120x120 residences!
» Always daylight, no fall or hunger damage!
» EnderTopia, a huge Enderman EXP farm!
Flying in Utopia Town
To help build up that massive residence, Diamond members can fly while in town on Utopia! This does not include creative mode.
Ability to use TNT server wide, including in your residence(s) in Town.
$5per month $10per month $20per month
Upgrade Upgrade Upgrade
All amounts are in USD (United States Dollar) however all currencies are accepted at checkout.