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Discussion in 'The Suggestion Box' started by DogsRNice, Jul 4, 2012.

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  1. keyblade18 Well-Known Member

  2. jkjkjk182 Well-Known Member

    The sign in equation for rupees is "100 + 300($$/5)", so it would be 1900r.
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  3. Glasi13 Well-Known Member

    Indeed but with the current amount of rupees ingame, i was thinking of a compromise so we dont flood the current economy. Plus if the other perks were included, it would balance it out well.
  4. bonesabre Diamond Supporter

    I MIGHT go for emerald at $30 a month. Just depends on what kind of perks it would come with though. There's really little else that diamond supporters don't have that could be given to a new supporter rank.
  5. jkjkjk182 Well-Known Member

    That should be his new nickname!!:)
  6. Dwight5273 Senior Staff

    +1, for PandasEatRamen
  7. keyblade18 Well-Known Member

    ok well heres what i think. i didnt know emralds are worthlees but if u have a villager or find a village did u not think that u could trade them in for things i mean c'mon these are just ideas not whats gonna happen in the next five min... :(
  8. migueldemesa Well-Known Member

    Howbout the emerald supporter was 15$???
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  9. sqiggleyjeff Well-Known Member

    well what color would the emerald supporter's be ?
  10. matthew12hydro Well-Known Member

    Green, like emeralds...
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  11. sqiggleyjeff Well-Known Member

    well i realize that but mods are green is what im saying so one color would have to be changed
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  12. migueldemesa Well-Known Member

    Hmm...Pink? :rolleyes:
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  13. sqiggleyjeff Well-Known Member

    or perhaps red
  14. migueldemesa Well-Known Member

    Howbout orange?
  15. sqiggleyjeff Well-Known Member

    *cough* No i don't think *cough* it would *cough* look good *cough*
  16. marknaaijer Well-Known Member

    Gold supporter color? It is very simalar with gold color
  17. marknaaijer Well-Known Member

    Where is the bear when we need it?
  18. migueldemesa Well-Known Member

  19. hayleycolgan Well-Known Member

    How about if we were to have an Emerald Supporter that it would be $15? In between gold and diamond.

    Three residences, access to Utopia wild and the ability to have reses there, 1000r daily sign-in bonus, ability to hide on the map, custom res messages etc. Either that, or only 2 res' but the ability to use TNT.
  20. Happyshopper Well-Known Member

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