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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by DogsRNice, Jul 4, 2012.

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  1. keyblade18 Well-Known Member

  2. jkjkjk182 Elite Member

    The sign in equation for rupees is "100 + 300($$/5)", so it would be 1900r.
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  3. Glasi13 Well-Known Member

    Indeed but with the current amount of rupees ingame, i was thinking of a compromise so we dont flood the current economy. Plus if the other perks were included, it would balance it out well.
  4. bonesabre Diamond Supporter
    Active Member

    I MIGHT go for emerald at $30 a month. Just depends on what kind of perks it would come with though. There's really little else that diamond supporters don't have that could be given to a new supporter rank.
  5. jkjkjk182 Elite Member

    That should be his new nickname!!:)
  6. The_Boulder Senior Staff
    Elite Member

    +1, for PandasEatRamen
  7. keyblade18 Well-Known Member

    ok well heres what i think. i didnt know emralds are worthlees but if u have a villager or find a village did u not think that u could trade them in for things i mean c'mon these are just ideas not whats gonna happen in the next five min... :(
  8. migueldemesa Prominent Member

    Howbout the emerald supporter was 15$???
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  9. sqiggleyjeff Distinguished Member

    well what color would the emerald supporter's be ?
  10. matthew12hydro Prominent Member

    Green, like emeralds...
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  11. sqiggleyjeff Distinguished Member

    well i realize that but mods are green is what im saying so one color would have to be changed
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  12. migueldemesa Prominent Member

    Hmm...Pink? :rolleyes:
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  13. sqiggleyjeff Distinguished Member

    or perhaps red
  14. migueldemesa Prominent Member

    Howbout orange?
  15. sqiggleyjeff Distinguished Member

    *cough* No i don't think *cough* it would *cough* look good *cough*
  16. marknaaijer Distinguished Member

    Gold supporter color? It is very simalar with gold color
  17. marknaaijer Distinguished Member

    Where is the bear when we need it?
  18. migueldemesa Prominent Member

  19. hayleycolgan Prominent Member

    How about if we were to have an Emerald Supporter that it would be $15? In between gold and diamond.

    Three residences, access to Utopia wild and the ability to have reses there, 1000r daily sign-in bonus, ability to hide on the map, custom res messages etc. Either that, or only 2 res' but the ability to use TNT.
  20. Happyshopper Well-Known Member

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