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Discussion in 'The Suggestion Box' started by DogsRNice, Jul 4, 2012.

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  1. DogsRNice Well-Known Member

    it would be like 30-40$ a month and have a lot of perks not like flying or more health but like 2 res's on utopia and a totel of 6 res's witch is good for mega shop owners.
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  2. Mrlegitislegit Well-Known Member

    No. We don't need more supporter groups.
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  3. DogsRNice Well-Known Member

    it would help the empire a lot
  4. IPwnCreeps Well-Known Member

    This would need more benefits if it were to exist
  5. keyblade18 Well-Known Member

    yep i think its an awesome idea dogsnrice cause when the next update comes empire should ad the emrald supporter for people where they should pay $30 a month and what u said 2 reses in utopia, 6 res total and more plus i think if they pay 30 a month the get a little bonus like a 10 emralds or diamonds or gold or something valuable as a gift for supporting
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  6. Biscuitboy5396 Well-Known Member

  7. keyblade18 Well-Known Member

    what do u mean by how
  8. keyblade18 Well-Known Member

  9. keyblade18 Well-Known Member

    wait each supporter thing like iron gold diamond and possibly emrald should each recive i dunno iron = 10 iron blocks
    gold= 10 gold blocks diamond= 10 diamond blocks but emrald recieves 10 emralds
  10. Dwight5273 Senior Staff

    I think we have enough support ranks and just add perks to them like ICC did yesterday
  11. keyblade18 Well-Known Member

    :( i like this idea
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  12. Glasi13 Well-Known Member

    Uuh no, these perks are too rich. Maybe,

    Emerald Supporter:

    1,500 rupees per day
    TNT usage
    5 res (2x utopia)
    Enderchest usage (similar to tnt perk with diamond)
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  13. Joshposh70 Well-Known Member

    Would you buy it?
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  14. keyblade18 Well-Known Member

    shouldnt enderchest usage be for all as it would be unfair to people like me who cant really pay for diamond....
  15. keyblade18 Well-Known Member

    ok heres what i think k. i will probably not buy it as i said i cant really pay for diamond even but i think its a great idea and to make it a little different maybe u have to be a diamond supporter first before getting it if it comes out which at this stage it probs wont
  16. jkjkjk182 Well-Known Member

    But emeralds will be worthless, so ten of them would be like nothing. We dont need a new supporter option
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  17. keyblade18 Well-Known Member

    ok ok im sorry for expressing my ideas i mean i just thought it was a good idea so theres no need to be harsh k :(
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  18. keyblade18 Well-Known Member

    im guessing your not actually telling me my idea sucks right?
  19. PandasEatRamen Well-Known Member

    Off topic :

    OT. Nobody will pay $30-40 :confused:
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  20. Glasi13 Well-Known Member

    Actually, $30 i would if the perks were worth it.
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