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Discussion in 'Empire Updates' started by JustinGuy, Apr 22, 2012.

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    I hope everyone in the Empire had a great weekend! I just got finished updating all the servers with a new version of the Empire Chat plugin (channels and what not). Although this was a complete rewrite from scratch of the code, most things still operate the same as chat always has. If you missed why I am rewriting the majority of EMC Platform code, see this thread.

    Some small things with chat have been improved upon based on feedback from the community. I have updated the Chat section in the Empire Guide, but here is a list:
    • Chat settings are now cross-server. For example if you ignore someone you will never hear from them again on any server. Or for example if you turned chat off on one server it would be off when you joined another.
    • Ignore feature is now smart enough to COMPLETELY ignore the player (including leave/join messages), and they are permanent!
    • Fixed a bug where people could get around being ignored with private messages.
    • New feature, /chat status [on|off]. If you turn this off you will no longer see player join/leave messages, when a new player completes the tutorial, or when players get banned / kicked.
    • New feature, /reply, that sends a private message to the LAST player that sent you one.
    • New shortcut, /c, that works with all chat commands just like /chat.
    • New shortcut, @, that works the same as /tell. For example “@JustinGuy Hello!”.
    • New shortcut, @@, that works just like /reply, so for example “@@I got your message, on my way”.
    • Fixed a bug where people super far away in the wild could chat with people anywhere in the wild.
    • Greatly improved the performance of the entire chat system (thanks to d1223m for help with distance calculations for local channel).
    • If you are in a private conversation you no longer get booted from it when the player disconnects. Instead it will just tell you they are no longer connected when you try to send a message.
    • You can no longer ignore a player that doesn’t exist on Empire Minecraft (fake names).
    • If you are a supporter you are now automatically in the supporter channel.
    • Improved /chat who, so that it is a true list of who will hear your messages.
    • You can no longer leave/join channels, not many people ever used this and the resources saved to not keep track of it were enormous. Also once d1223m has the EMC UI mod ready this will allow you to place channels in tabs.

    Please be on the lookout for any bugs and report them to me. Thanks to all the supporters who tested this over the last few days.

    As usual you can see a running list of changes in the updates thread:
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    Good work. Some nice changes and it should improve the EMC experience tenfold!
  3. iSmooch Prominent Member

    yay! Just started using twitter for my youtube channel.. so maybe this will be good practice for the @ usage for me :p
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  4. Mrlegitislegit Elite Member

    Cool! I hope D1223ms mod or whatever you want to call it is put in soon!
  5. TonicThunder Distinguished Member

    Yes! Glad to see the chat is getting a little love. Even the little things can be improved greatly!

    Also, now I can type in EMC as I would on Twitter. Awesome!
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    Yeah for sure, chat is so important to MC yet it is so ghetto and overlooked. I am just trying to do as much as I have control over from the server :)
  8. kilmannan Prominent Member

    I've just logged back in. I am in the Wild and my default channel is /local, not /s.

    Should I automatically be in Supporter in the Wild too or just in Town?
  9. d1223m Well-Known Member

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  10. JustinGuy Original Founder
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  11. jeremy2d Well-Known Member

    Excellent work, Justin! :D
  12. 72Volt Distinguished Member

    nice job, bro. when you say you can't leave or join channels anymore, what exactly does that mean?
  13. s1ay3rdude_13 New Member

    i really like the new updates keep up the good work and always happy mining
  14. IamSaj Prominent Member

    YES! I like to /reply feature and the @IamSaj YO feature too.
    @@ BYe
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  16. Mindlegokid Distinguished Member

    Nice job. Now what would we do without Justin?
  17. FlevasGR Well-Known Member

    Nice job Justin :)
  18. imBobertRobert Prominent Member

    Voot! Ok everyone! Now we need to convince Justin to make the minecraft version of twitter (bwack fOr the chickens?)!!!
  19. SecretAznEks Distinguished Member

    I still think that we need to do something with hashtags. Though I don't know what....
    Anywho, great job Justin and d1223m! Can't wait until all of that fancy stuff in the UI mod gets officially implemented...

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