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  1. hello,

    this morning I log in to find all my villagers gone and 3 were now zombies, So I went about fixing my "shop" area and proofing it more from zombies as I suspected somehow one got in there and gobbled up all of them some how. So now I have it all fixed up and I decided to wait a bit and see if anything happens ... an hour or two pass and nothing , watching a movie and what not then all the sudden .. Boom 11 zombies spawn in a pack at my entry path.. oddly the zombies cant get to the villagers" I had not made a change to that area , so im not sure how the villagers vanished from their holding cells , how ever, is there something I have built that would cause 11+ normal zombies to spawn on a 2x4 path?

    I have now changed all the walk ways to glass and im waiting again to see if another pack of zombies spawn. any suggestions ?

  2. They may have not spawned there, the new zombie pathfinding encourages them to go in packs and find the best route to the player so they normally get all bunched up.
  3. chunks unload when nobody is near the area.. if the thing you built was close to the spawn, it may have been a player that killed the villagers
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  4. over view of my shop area and other is descriptor as to where the zombies spawned

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  5. no no , I saw them pop up they did not path there im well away from the spawn chunk

    -13k x 7k or so

    and also 3 zombies were in the cell that a villager should have been in so im not sure where the other 20 went and why they were even hit now that I saw the pack spawn and stand there on the path stairing down the villagers till I killed them all.
  6. ok so update, the change to my path "making it all glass" kept the zombies from spawning near the villagers, how ever 5 zombies this time spawned on the grass at the stairway and got stopped by my gate. I now suspect since this is a mock village for an iron farm /villager shop the zombie spawn is part of the village mechanics and will always happen on a random chance, this time it took about 3 night/day cycle for the zombie pack to spawn...

    Problem solved I guess , if any other feedback please let me know.

  7. I'd make sure all blocks are above light level 7, if they are then I don't see how they could spawn under any circumstance.
  8. Sounds like you have a "Village" established and you triggered a Zombie Invasion.
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  9. ahh well now that makes sense, I had figured it had to be something like that. thanks for the conformation.
  10. Wow. When was that implemented?
  11. That's a vanilla mechanic, no? If you have a technical village a chance of zombies spawning are always there. Doesn't noticeably occur with iron farms because they're usually off the ground.