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  1. Zimbio.com/quiz has a cool feature where it has a bunch of quizes about movie/tv and music people that you can take. An example would be "Which Avenger are You?". I took almost all of them and I will give you my results:

    Which Michael Jackson Song Are You? - "Heal the World"
    Which David Bowie Are You? - Berlin Bowie
    Which Leonardo DiCaprio Character Are You? - Gatsby Leo
    Which Disney Villain Are You? - Maleficent
    Which 'Star Trek' Character Are You? - Scotty
    Which 'Star Trek Next: Generation' Character Are You? - Geordi La Forge
    Which 'Toy Story' Character Are You? - Buzz Lightyear
    Which 'Star Wars' Character Are You? - Luke Skywalker
    Which 'Harry Potter' Character Are You? - Draco Malfoy
    Which 'Anchorman' Newscaster Are You? - Veronica Corningstone
    Which creature from 'The Hobbit' Are You? - A Wizard
    Which 'Hunger Games' Character Are You? - Primrose Everdeen
    Which Classic 80s Action Hero Are You? - Axel Foley
    Which Celeb Should Be Your Roommate? - Ryan Gosling
    Who's Your Celebrity Selfie Soulmate? - Demi Lovato
    What Divergent Faction Are You? - Divergent

    I highly suggest that you do some of these. They are really fun to take, and some of the results are kind of funny. I also hope this tells you a little more about me, given that you know who these people are. :p
  2. I know who Buzz Lightyear is, I know what heal the world is, but that's it:p
  3. so um
    i'm iron man
    think of that what you will
  4. nice. This site is just a cool site to go on for a while if you are board. Some of the results will make you laugh
  5. I am Hawk Eye. Will just stop with quizzes now I guess.
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  6. I am Sherlock Holmes