Zelda fans, click here.

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  1. I have seen this project in LEGO Cuusoo, and it has just reached 10,000 supporters, so this spring is coming out a new Zelda LEGO set!
    I'm sure you will like it if you are a big fan of the Legend of Zelda series ;)

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  3. Sure, what server are you from? I can go to the wild with you and collect stone and materials :)
  4. Me gusta.
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  5. I want it :3 If their ever Is a Wind Waker one, It would be amazing :D
  6. Awesome! I'm a fan of both.
  7. lol someone get deathtomb here
  8. In fact, there are a lot of Wind Waker projects at LEGO cuusoo, you can search at the website.
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  9. Like it. Like it. Like it. Like it. Like it!!
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  10. He he he... Not even a huge fan of Zelda but I think it's awesome, so to this I say..."ERSOME!""
    EDIT- I like your signature chascarillo! We got da same one now!
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  11. It actually didn't get approved :(