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Which video is your favourite? Choose wisely, you only have one vote.

Poll closed Oct 16, 2012.
1 9 vote(s) 5.8%
2 9 vote(s) 5.8%
3 28 vote(s) 18.2%
4 95 vote(s) 61.7%
5 13 vote(s) 8.4%
  1. Click the links below to view the videos
    1 2 3 4 5
    Unfortunately, these videos didn't follow all the rules, so you can't vote for them, but you can still view them here as they're wonderful
    6 7 8

    After two months of hopeful entrants submitting their videos, the time has come (a day late -.-) to begin voting. Each and very member of the Empire has the opportunity to vote once for who they think should win. You should vote on which video is your personal, overall favourite - not just because it's made by your best friend. Any videos you can vote on have had the comments blacked out to help you make your own decision; yes, I know you can bypass it, but please don't.

    In case you've somehow forgotten the exotic prize list, here it is again:
    So, "how do I vote?" I somehow hear you say, despite me not being able to hear you since this is the internet. Well, simply watch each video by clicking the large orange numbers at the top, then choose your favourite on the poll (you can only choose one).
    Before I end off, I have to do the boring bit... the rules:
    1. Any posts saying stuff like "VOTE 4 MEE!!!111" will be reported/deleted, and if I see it, you will lose 2 votes.
    2. You may vote for yourself on your main account - voting for yourself on alts isn't allowed.
    3. You may only vote at all on your main account - voting for others on alts isn't allowed. I'll deduct 5 + the amount of alts you used worth of votes if you're caught doing so.
    4. You may not go skipping around all the SMP's wearing (or not wearing) and cow costume, spamming chat by asking people to beg. Same applies to /tells, it's just plain rude.
    5. In the unlikely event of a tie, the winner will be settled by a game of rock, paper, scissors.
    6. In the unlikely event of the winner getting banned before the end of the contest, we must all laugh, then the runner up will be given the prize.
    7. In the unlikely event of someone actually reading this far, give yourself a cookie.
    8. No more entries are being accepted now. Try to enter and I'll just laugh.
    9. Constructive criticism is welcomed, however, please don't just say that you hated a video.
    10. I reserve the right to alter the rules if needed, since I'm sure I've missed something out...
    Voting ends exactly 14 days after this post is created. Votes after this time wont be counted and you'll just get to stare at an error message. Good luck to all!

    Thank you to AlexChance, xI_LIKE_A_PIGx, JabrZer0, thestar19, BobTheTomato9798, Faithcaster and MissMadison910 for donating to the prize fund. :)

    Important disclaimer: By voting, you agree that the staff may check to see if you have used an alt account to vote multiple times and that if you have been found to do so, they may tell me:
    *If you're an video maker, who you are and that you tried to vote multiple times.
    *If you're just a voter, who you voted for (but not who you are) and how many times.
    Earliest iron supporter will be received is November 1st.
  2. 1 - Bad Quality, Bad Residences
    2 - Boring
    3 - Nice video, Also you got 1577 Casino :)
    4 - 1080p, Epic Residences, Great Recorder, A Winner :cool:
    5 - Long good quality

    15,000 Donated To Prized, Best Of Luck To All Of You :)
  3. :( 1: that's mine ........ u aren't my friend...just letting you know that right now......

    i only tried......

    EDIT: you know what your probably right my video sucks but 'thank you' for cheering me up :(

    ANOTHER EDIT: and no...serialkicker's residence does NOT suck and in my opinion mine doesn't either.....
  4. Why do you think mine is not your type of MC playing?
  5. that's a good question .
  6. The Wilderness Part.
    I prefer staying in town.
  7. Hold on brother :)
    Wasent there a rule that said that you had to own the music inside of the video?
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  8. Well, I just did it so it would look like starting from the roots of Minecraft, and than entering town, and build epic things.
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  9. It was changed after quite a lengthy discussion to you can use copyrighted music if you credit the person in one way or another, but it's preferred if you didn't use it.
  10. Your's wins hands down anyway.
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  11. :D :D 85k, come at me :p
  12. Wait, what?
  13. The grand prize.
  14. :( but u already rich (at least i THINK you are :/) aren't you. gah why do i SUCK AT EVERYTHING?!well at least one person likes it :/ (my video) .
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  15. I hope you not voted for yourself :p.... lol

    But yeah, I liked your video, but I think mine is slightly better....
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  16. 0_o....... must run away and never look back 0_o
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  17. ok all im gonna say is at least i tried....... aghhhhhhhh! i need that 80k >.< why didnt i make a better video!
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  18. Come on! Vote! ;)
  19. Let's end the arguments here. Please only post fair constructive criticism, if you don't agree with what the person said then you're more than welcome to discuss your differences of opinions in a controlled way using PMs. Kindness is good - think of the positives. Everything is good in it's own, unique way.:)
  20. That is really well-said, sir...
    No-one is good at nothing, you are always good in something.