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  1. So uh I've seen some people with the youtube rank and with only like 170 subs, I have 95 and I can make a series on the empire of you like. I have a lot of active subs and I could make some videos here if you like. I was wondering if I could get the youtube rank maybe then?
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  2. Send your best EMC videos to Krysyyjane and she will judge you.
  3. Isn't there a Google form for YouTuber rank?
  4. Nope

    Acceptance is based on the quality of video, not the number of subs :)
  5. Well I just checked my sub rank and I have 118 subs now, I'll try and make an emc video some time
  6. Again, sub number has nothing to do with acceptance.
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  7. Do you have to have 60 fps gameplay?
  8. No. And, doesn't YouTube cap it somewhere around 30?
  9. YouTube started allowing 60fps uploads a few months ago. It's 1000x better than 30.
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  10. Alrighty when I get the chance this weekend I'll make a video
  11. Start a series, grab your favorites, and privately message krysyyjane with a request and show your videos.
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  12. I just did thanks :)
    Also for some reason it doesn't let me use audio from my headset which would make the video 1000x better since they are turtle beach. But I'll try to talk loader next time.
  13. Why are you both saying things are 1000 times better? :confused: I don't see that logic, honestly.
  14. bibitty bobity boo
    new video thats better and edited
  15. This is the video I made for youtuber team when I was accepted, feel free to use it as an example. But it's just one of the many things that could get you on the team.
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  16. - claps furiously -
    An amazing performance, I can't even film a single frame without running into 8 trees and killing a cow.
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