Youtube is stupid

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  1. Sorry about the title, but I had to get your attention. So ever since Google started attempting to implement Google Plus into Youtube I had complications uploading clips I rendered on the Theater mode on Black Ops 2. They said you could change your Youtube name so I said ok, and changed it to ItsStimulus. Now here's where it gets confusing. Now my rendered videos will not upload to my channel because when I changed my name it for some stupid reason created a whole other page/account thing if that makes any sense. So basically my Elite account is linked to my original email which was linked to my Youtube, but was then split into another account by just changing my name. Hopefully this made some sense and if anyone could help me re-link my Youtube account so I could just upload clips from Theater on to Elite and Youtube again, that would be great. Thanks!
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  2. I fell into the same trap. I needed to start fresh though so I'm fine with this because of circumstances.
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  3. I had something like this. I migrated to a google plus account by accident, and it set everything to a private video. And when I tried to un-private it, I got some error.

    I just deleted my google plus account. Note, google plus, not google account :p
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  4. Youtube isn't stupid, it is just the people at google that are stupid and want people to join google plus.
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  5. I dont understand why YouTube has to be changed every six months. Its confusing, and whenever I start to get used to the new changes, they decide its time for another update.
  6. More than every sixth months, more like every one or two months :p
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  7. AAAGGHH. WTF this is so annoying like wut. I guess until Elite updates their linking accounts thing or whatever I'll just wait. fsaddasfhww :/
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  8. Youtube isn't even working at the moment, no videos will work for me :(
  9. Its not working for me either... :(
  10. It now seems some are and some aren't :p
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  11. I heard that they are getting rid of google plus, but I agree this new thing is confusing.
  12. yay i guess im a yahoo kind of guy lol
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  13. and I love utube
  14. Lol XD
  15. Don't feel bad. I made my youtube channel a long while back and it's "elite" or whatever. It connected to my G+ and kept wanting me to use my real name. I kept saying no. I then decided I wanted a new one that fits with my current screen name and it wanted me to use G+ so I said forget it. I log in the other day and it's like "CHANGE YO NAME NAO!" and when I did it kept the same URL but gave me the name I wanted :I
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  17. Hey, YouTube, guess what.
    You know the way you're bugging me about using a certain name?
    Stop it.
    I've noticed the Google HQ looks rather bare and unappealing without a lava wall...
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  18. The thing that YouTube doesn't understand is that, If I wanted to use my real name for my channel name, surely I would've used it in the first place? :p Why would I all of a sudden wish to change my name now?
  19. It's only a matter of time before YouTube becomes 'Google+ Videos'.
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