Your Welcome America

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  1. Hello people of this website. First off, and friend of mine Penfoldex, yeah he's not me. Surprise, surprise I know but hey meet me. Yogert_Slayer. Little late but well I don't get online much. I joined becuase I was convinced but my friends. Me, I myself don't play all the time but on sometimes. Hopefuly you will see more posts in the future, but hey it's the future right. Anything can happen.

    You Welcome America
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  2. Well hello, welcome :)
  3. Wait what does this have to do with America?
  4. *facepalm* My scheme of impersonating you is over… :p
    Note to everyone else: The title is because of a running joke between WeirdManaico, him and I about how bad he is at spelling. At least he didn't spell Amarica this time. :p
    Absolutly nothing. He always signs stuff as Your Welcome America to annoy me.
  5. Well he managed to spell America right, but he forgot the ' and e in You're :p he's learning.

    Welcome Yogert.
  6. Everyone’s a critic. Ok I admit. I am a terrible speller ok. So you may have to deal with it. Also the America thing. That’s my slogan for everything. And the Your. I do on purpose. I just like it better that way.

    Your (You’re) Welcome America
  7. Hi.
    I have nothing else to say. Unless somebody replies to me.
  8. I can forgive spelling errors, but black type on a black screen, that hurts! Lol
  9. I, too, have little to add to this. Unless, of course, somebody replies to me.
  10. Well...

    What about non-USA countries? There are others that play EMC too! (UK), many countries such as: UK, AU, Japan, China, France! And more so why?

    Oh! And I have nothing else to say unless someone replies too me! :p
  11. Don't use black. Just don't. It's just not right.
  12. Oh, I too have nothing to say and am replying for the first time...
    Unless someone replies to me?
  13. Reply.
    And hi, Yogurt_Slayer.
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  14. Black isn't to bad, THIS IS WORSE!
    Besides he may be using the white background like on the site...
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  15. Oh wait I forgot welcome to the Empire, finally under your own identity! :p
  16. Then use automatic.
  17. It's a genius!
  18. Ok I'm sorry about the black. My computer went all weird, and I couldn't change the color. Thanks to those who forgive spelling errors. And the coment on the country thing. I'm not trying to be mean. It's just my saying. Nothing bad.

    Your Welcome America
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  19. Welcome!!!
  20. :p As your IRL friend, I cannot forgive you for spelling errors. :p
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