Your noob moment?

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Are still a noob?

Na I'm a pro now 14 vote(s) 42.4%
Maybe I am so what? 6 vote(s) 18.2%
DEAD BUSH! 5 vote(s) 15.2%
... 8 vote(s) 24.2%
  1. We've all had a noob moment. A time when we did something really stupid or had no idea what we where doing in Minecraft. For example when I first started to play I thought farming would be amazing so I tried it out. Sadly I didn't know how to plant things. So I used my infinite knowledge of gardening which was small to say and thought this. I would break a dirt block throw the seeds in the hole and put the block back. None the less after a few hours of nothing I went to the wiki.
    So what was your noob moment?
  2. This happened recently actually! I've been playing minecraft for almost 4 years so it makes it worst.. Everyone knows the #1 rule not to dig down right? Well... recently I figured myself void of this rule since I'm such a 'skilled' player and dug straight into lava and lost all of my gear! :)
  3. Been playing minecraft for 4 years now and about a month ago I forgot how to make a crafting table for a solid 5 minutes.
  4. Any more of you got a noob moment?
  5. I was at Minecon 2013 and this guy had a shirt that said "How do u craft a horse" as a joke, then I thought in my head "How do you breed a horse?" and I actually couldn't remember at the time :p
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  6. i forgot how to make weakness potions for the longest time
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  7. I still don't know how to make most potions, is it just me being a noob or do most people just not memorize the potion recipes? I barely use them anyway :p
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  8. I basically know nothing about potions, nothing about horses (I don't even know how to breed them), and close to nothing about command blocks. :p

    I also don't really know how comparators work, but I'm "quite good" at the reat of redstone :p
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  9. Did you have a bucket of water? cause i always dig straight down with a bucket of water. xD
  10. Happened to me when in search of a blizz... I also forgot how to craft firework stars and fire charges.
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  11. SAME HERE but i dug 2 blocks into a ravine and burned then i found another 1 and 1 shot it and got a arm :D
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  12. Well, I was romping around in the nether, tried to shoot a blaze, and hit a pigman.
    Another pigman knocked me into lava, and ended up losing an inv full of iron blocks.
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  13. My biggest moment had to be when I went into the nether and tried to sleep. I then proceed instead of saying to myself "Hey that was stupid, don't do it again" I went and did it again...
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  14. The annoying thing is I was in the frontier, ages away and din't set my spawn :eek:
  15. Just today, I was told your can use fire charges to make a firework. I have never made a firework in my years of playing Minecraft. -.-
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  16. i lost about 2 stacks of diamonds 0_0 :p
  17. Neither have I ever made one :p
  18. I don't know how to make any potions..
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