Your most hated/feared hostile mob

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  1. The title is self-explanatory. Which hostile would you least want to encounter ?

    I'll start:
    During my many explorations, I can safely say that the only one I truly fear and loathe are those small and pesky cave spiders. Not only are they usually found in swarms, surrounded by many cobwebs and venomous, but they can actually pass through half block spaces :mad:

    What's your story ?
  2. Ghast those things chase me down through the nether. When I first started on the empire I got lost in the nether. I ran like lighting away from 3 of those while at the same time trying to view the live map and find my way back. Ill never forget that experience xD
  3. I hate zombies. They always kill me when I have a high level, and they can wallhack. It's just not fun when I'm farming them and they walk through a wall and eat my face. And I don't get any XP back, either.
  4. Aha Crazy, The XP Grinder :p, im going to have to say skeletons (not because they steal my music discs XD) because whenever you turn a corner you just get instantly slapped by its arrow :(
  5. i got to say a tie between enderman and creepers. whenever i play the empire or an survival map (mainly 4 pillar), they always take stuff that i need. and creepers, well, are creepers.
  6. Notch will be taking away there block powers eventually :D
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  7. i hope. cause dirt is too vauluable to get despawned by a enderman.
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  8. I figured this would be full of creepers, which are really something to be feared. Me, I always seem to get attacked and sometimes killed by spiders or zombies, dropping off of trees onto my head.
  9. Im gonna have to say creepers. Theyre so well creepy. Its like they sneak up to you then circle you...and with the recent odd running behavior they genuinely scare me.
  10. Hmm.. lol.
    I don't know what one, since I hate almost all of them.

    Hmm... well, it's probably Ghasts, Blazes and Creepers.
    Ghasts really scare me with their creepy baby-noise and their bomb-balls.
    I hate when im a Nether Fortress on a survival world and find Blazes.
    Then these mean things shoot fireballs and put me on fire.

    And Creepers.
    I really hate them, just like most people.
    They just pop out from nowhere when you are in the night, chopping wood or farming.
    Also, I heard that in 1.2, they will be able to "Stalk" you :(
  11. I'm goin' to have to say... Cave Spiders. I haven't encounterd one yet but I'm still afraid of them.
  12. I'm mining and have a full inventory of diamonds, iron, and nether stuff, So I put it in a chest. I am ready to start up again. Sssssssss BOOM! Chest, gone. XP, gone. I've been griefed by a creeper. I hate them so much!!!
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  13. I would have to say...... Enderman still, just walking through a dark, dark cave and all of a sudden i see purple eyes from afar. I freaked, screamed like a little girl and ran out the way only to find he was there and i had nothing, i died later on.... by 'Him' :p
  14. Creepers are on top of my list too, not only that they dont do ANY sound until it is to late (if they sneak up on you), also and this really bugs me, they are SOOOOOO lag influenced. Sometimes you can do a picknick next to them and they wont explode. And next time its like a western, who shoots first. Also creeper just needs one shot to harm you and you need at least 3.

    But other Monster have some annoying behaviuor too. Skelletons + kloof + 1x1 Dirt Tower to get to that gold = you get shot off that tower without warning GRR. But this is just third on my list.

    Second are actually freaking zombie pickmen. You get to the nether and they greet you, are friends, ask for your facebook account, ask for the well of you family and then it happens. One of them hurts itself. And we all know whoms fault is that ... Great thing if you only have buckets, are chased by a ghast and then this happens. :-/

    Greetz Hasorko

    P.S. Vote for killing all TEH mobs!
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  15. I'd say magma cube, I mean, how can the smallest magma cube deal 1 heart worth of damage?!
    Wanted to say "villager", but alas, it is not a hostile monster.
  16. No the worst one is when a creeper gets struk by lightning and the dammage they do is twise as much (I cannot remember there name)

    (sorry for anny typos i'm on a mobile phone)
  17. Fantastic! Well put.
  18. Jeb coz notch is mainly working on Scrolls now :D
  19. i HATE ghasts...... :(
  20. I don't have a scariest hostile mob. Only two annoying hostile mobs,and they are Creepers and Pigmen.

    Ever since I started playing v1.0.14 I have been chased by them out of my mob tower countless times, had my chests griefed by them, and just generally annoyed by them. And now in 1.2 they're going to find a way to get to you and can see through glass. Now we better hide some place safe.

    When you join the Nether, all you see if fire and the constant whining of the annoying Ghasts, but there are other life forms like you called Zombie Pigmen. They are your friends, they ask you how you are doing and they protect your base and don't even touch you. But when one falls of the edge of a cliff and hurts themselves, they'll blame you and hunt you down.