Your funniest EMC moment?

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  1. Thread name explains everything :p

    Some of you might remember mine, but Iknow for sure that Robot_Chicken_66 & FaithCaster does, haha I annoyed them both so much twice on that auction :p
    Best troll you probly could do 4mins before the most expensive auction ever been held was gonna end

    Heres 3 pics from that moment :D

  2. Nobody else has funny moments? :eek:
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  4. Around 500. :p
  5. Totally worth it
  6. I saw 4 people working on something so I went up and they closed the door on me and the wall was 2 blocks high. I visited a res with a jump beacon and then came back and jumped over wall. They were so confused lol!!!!!!!

    Then I went to get my horse and came back . People saw me messing with these guys so another guy joined in. There were 5 people without horses watching from the outside. Me and this guy were jumping on the his roof and running around on horses.

    Then he told us to stop and as I was leaving he changed move flag to false.

    The residence was liam___ the blank being numbers. The other kid was in all gold and his horse was in gold armor, don't rember his name

    Smp4 at liam___

    Had so much fun and laughing, that i Forgot to take screenshots :(
  7. I guess we all like to troll :D

    @Piggy omg, totally worth it haha. All named dinnerbone or grumm?
  8. Making the 50k trip to an outpost and getting killed by a creeper :p
    Or whenever we sing on SMP2. That's always fun.
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  9. 2013-04-26_16.37.39.png 2013-07-19_08.25.00.png
    Due to a boat glitch in my res.
  10. It's not my funniest moment but d1223m isn't here to post this (Screenshot is missing):
    T shiftmaster: mod?
    T d1223m: yes shitmaster?
    T d1223m: oh I'm sorry shitmaster
    T d1223m: *shiftmaster
  12. I think I remember that day. :p
  13. I burst out laughing as soon as I saw that :p
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  14. It was on smp3, During daylight. In the era when I sold a stack of sand for 20r (and made a big profit, (I thought 300r was a lot. (everyone did))).
    I was building dirt bleachers for chest wars.
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  15. I think I have quite a lot, and if you ask Sweetie she can tell you about everything. But when you get mad because you didn't find anything good on a mining trip, don't walk up to an enderman and hit it. :confused:
  16. Actually here's mine :p
    Me and my friends were at a wild outpost.
    Me: Dang it fell in a hole.
    Friend: Ill go get your stuff.
    Me: Thanks
    Friend:* Gets stuff and gives it to me*
    Me: Wow thanks!
    Friend: Hey look a creeper!
    [BANNED] Friend has been banned by Bigdavie Reason: Illegal Hacks
    *In Skype call*
  17. haha :3
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  18. Another one of mine I just remembered! I was fighting mobs, but then a group of zombies killed me. Sweetie_Pea said I dropped a head, and when I went back, one of the zombies was wearing my head. Some things are just weird. :p
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