Your Favourite Reses!

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  1. Hello all!
    I was walking around EMC, looking at reses when I thought 'Wow. It's sad that some of these will either go derelict, get torn down, or only seen by a few.' So, that led to another thought: Your favourite reses thread! Just post a picture of a favourite res that you've seen. It can be yours, a friend's, or a random person's. Just show us awesome reses that make your heart do the smiley emote!
    One of mine is poofasaurus's third res:

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  2. My favorite res is jennypoo10's res on smp2. Ill post pictures later, but I would highly suggest checking it out :)
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  3. check out 8014 on sim4 before its gone. :) (too lazy for pictures xD)
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  4. So I was iron supporter in that picture..

    You dug up quite the relic ;)
  5. Fairshop(gone) was really good
  6. This and the old 730 mall 2 1/2+ years ago on smp1 before it was rebuilt and derelict claimed.

    Also a mansion that I built for ben_taylor10 2 years ago, I'll post pictures if I find any.. One of my first not horrible builds. (and that's the most that I'm willing to call it)
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  7. My favorite res is on utopia at 5214 its not done yet tho
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  8. Woo! I salvaged two pictures of the build I made for ben_taylor10 forever ago, my first not horrible build :D
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  9. Alot of glass lol
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  10. Meh..
  11. d1223m's old res on smp3 :) that was pretty great.
    There's also a huge caste lon smp9 I think? I'll have to look up the player and lot number later.
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  12. I found this lovely waterpark on smp5 a while ago, it went derelict though... Will dig up a video I took there in a min. I'm also rather proud of 11464
  13. My favorite res is mine...jk
    It's Iamfuturetrunks res on smp1. First of all, the dragon! It's unbelievable :D
  14. Easily an hour's adventure just to find everything hidden on that res.

    My favorite res (besides mine or ones I've built) would have to be AlexChance's mall on SMP2.
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  15. I don't really have a favorite because there are too many residences which I like to visit. But some notable residences so far....

    Ship in a bottle. It's around SMP2 spawn somewhere, but I have no clue where (did try to check the server map once, but gave up looking because I was too lazy :D).

    Second: Palmsugar's residence on SMP5. Its very special, most likely unlike any residence you've seen. Looks chaotic at first and when you go to explore you'll soon discover patterns, specific places and will recognize some order within the chaos. Like I said; it's probably one of a kind :)
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  16. I recognize that ship, it's kevdudeman's and is at 4161 :)
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  17. So many great and Epic res builds, but I will start with this one...

    res 5007 in Utopia Town (everyone can visit).
    This is an Amazing and Creative, Epic multi-multi-million rupee build worth seeing!