Your favorite way to fight in PvP?

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  1. Now I know this is a odd question but simply to put it simply. In PvP do you prefer to use the classic sword, the amazing bow or using some Redstone to wire traps to let your opponents die? So what method do you prefer?
  2. I run away like the coward I am. Very effective.
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  3. You know what they say "run to see another day"
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  4. I hack.

    I prefer sword combat personally. I'm trying to learn the ways of the fishing rod currently.
  5. How exactly do you fight with fishing rods anyways?
  6. Hitting someone with a fishing rod does some knockback so if they are running towards you and you hit them with the fishing rod, you usually get the first hit meaning you have the starting advantage.
  7. I prefer eating Notch Apples.
  8. Using painting traps to send them to their doom.
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  9. I come in all proud and excited with my new gear until penguin kills me in one hit and I get all sad... :(
  10. Isnt that illegal?
  11. On pvp servers I hide with shift, shoot people off of cliffs, make fall and tnt traps, use lava buckets... pretty much all the dirty strategies. One of my best is making a nether portal that takes you directly into lava on the other side, use a potion of fire resistence and make people chase me through the portal. Never fails :p.
    Here at Emc I fight honestly, no gapples or health potions (tried using poison but apparently it doesn't affect people on the arenas :().
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  12. Heres how pvp on emc works for me. ie: LuckyPat
    I attempt to kill LuckyPat, instead he kills me.
    I attempt another time, but he kills me.
    I rage,
    I put a bounty on LuckyPat for 20k.
    I mention the bounty on all the smps.
    Everyone came to the PvP arena, swarmed him and killed him. :D
  13. I like a good God bow, and perhaps a speed pot to run away fast xP (and of course, god armor)
  14. I Prefer Using Normal armour and customised gear like I have, and Then My tactic is [To be revealed another day].
  15. I find painting traps don't really do it these days. The tree bombs are all the rage.
  16. Highly.
  17. Rush in, while getting shot by with bows, and ----ing on scrubs. I'm not very good with a bow :p
    They also say, "A coward dies everyday"
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  18. I spam the bow like crazy
  19. Just YOLO it and charge head on. THIS IS SPARTA!!!
  20. I like to spam click my weak sword and hope I don't die. If that doesn't work I run until they catch up to me with a bow. Both usually end with death.