Your Favorite Cartoon From Your Childhood

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  1. Post your current favorite cartoon or one you grew up watching.

  2. Tom and Jerry and Acme cartoons :D
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  3. Flinstones :p
    and pokemon :D
  4. Freakazoid, Animaniacs, pinky and the brain. These three were made by Steven Spielberg and the music was the same guy who did tiny toons
  5. Teen Titans. :D
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  6. I used to watch Betty Boop all the time. They're all older than I am though. I wore out my old VHS tapes watching it so much.I have most of them on DVD now :). This one was my favorite:

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  7. Oh wow.. Thunder Cats... I use to watch that all the time with my brothers and sisters. I was really excited when I saw something about them remaking it or making it into or a movie or something.. But that was a while back ago.. haven't heard anything else since then.
  8. They remade it and it lasted about a season from what I understand. It used to come on Nicktoons/Nickelodeon.

    Edit: Haitus
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  9. Hmmm... the thing I saw was suppose to be like real people... Idk.. It was a while back ago.
  10. Weird, I didn't see that one.

    That bites. We didn't get to see but the Pilot as his work schedule sucked and then we got rid of Cable. It's on Haitus as well as Mystery Incorporated and I really like M.I. Matt Lillard (From the live movies) is Shaggy.
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  12. I don't think they renewed it for a second season so…
    M.I. Is pretty good. Oh really? Cool.
  13. smurf.jpg

    I thought of another one :)
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  14. The remake is going to be shown on Adult Swim on Saturday Night aka Toonami on one of their time slot and adult swim/ Toonami are notorious for bring back a 2 season to cancelled shows :D

    -sidenote- Toonami is back, also watched all the shows it had ;)
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